5 Monsoon Travel Hacks For Every Traveller

Weather Check

It’s really important to know the place well in hand before you go there, particularly the weather conditions that are likely to be expected there. Several weather apps are available in order to predict the weather forecast for the next couple of days or even weeks. These apps can really be handy when you are travelling to a remote area with limited network. We even have apps such as Weather Bug, Weather Channel, AccuWeather and others that notify us with the current condition of the road whether it’s blocked due to some reasons. Be safe and better not get stranded.

First Aid Boxes/Flashlights/Power Banks

Feeling feverish or catching a cold are common sights during the monsoon season. In order, to get rid of this, always do carry a first aid box. Also, carry flashlights or emergency lamps in case of sudden emergencies at evening or night. Advisably, better not to rely on your smart phones’ flashlight for this because you might need the phone later. Speaking of smart phones, charging your smart phone is crucial especially when you want to contact someone outside your group. Power banks can be extremely helpful for monsoon trips.


Obviously selfies, panoramas have already been part of our daily routines. Posting them on social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat is the favourite pastime of the current generation. Maybe your mobile phone has some real dope lens but that ain’t gonna last long as phones are needed for other stuffs. We all know how tough it is to take out your camera to click one good click and keep it again in the plastic bag. In order to save us from this tiresome act, waterproof cameras are in the market and companies like Olympus, Nikon, GoPro, are providing these to enjoy the break-free clicking.