5 Indian Musical Instruments That Redefined Music Globally

BANGALORE: When it comes to music and their instrument, youngsters often attribute the praise to foreign instruments for instance guitar and drums. However what they fail to realize is that their mother land has not only contributed its share of spice and classical music but has also, in addition, concocted its share of musical apparatus to sync and harmonize the world of rhythm, reports Knowqout.

Here are 5 most notable Musical Instruments from the classic land of culture



Sitar meaning ‘three strings’, has been derived from the Veena and is widely used across the Indian subcontinent. The sitar came to be known in the western world through Ravi Shankar works in the late 1950s. It further drew spotlight after the Beatles featured the sitar in their songs “Within You without You” and “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)”. Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones also brought in the sitar in his song “Paint It, Black”.

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