16 Chicken Dishes That a Non-Vegetarian Must Try

BENGALURU: Apart from vegetables, chicken dishes are most preferable delicacies in India. It’s the versatile chicken recipes that arise the craving inside people to munch it. People have constant desire to relish new recipes and tastes, but here are some traditional chicken dishes that got more popular.

Amritsari Murgh Makhani (Amritsari/Indian Butter Chicken)

As the name suggests, Amritsari Murgh Makhani is a typical Punjabi dish with the unique Amritsari gravy and aroma of fresh cream and pure ghee. It contains freshly prepared Tomato puree, and extra spices, making it most delectable.

Kerala Chicken Roast

It is a spicy combination of onions, curry leaves, green chilies, and chicken pieces cooked and roasted with pepper and spices, to serve guests along with rice or chapatti (Indian bread). When cooked in fresh coconut oil, one can relish Kerala’s traditional tang in it.

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