10 Road Trips You Should Definitely Take Before 30

Chennai to MunnarChennai to Munnar:

Its summer and you are in Chennai. You’ve got to avoid the steamy weather of the city. Rush to God’s own country—Kerala. Kerala’s Munnar, is where all the young adults from Chennai must pay a visit to. Once you get to the hills pull out the adventurer in you to climb up the hills. 30 is not too old I suppose, so explore the hills and make the most of the trip to make it a memorable one; whilst the scenic tea and coffee plantation take you onto Cloud 9.

Delhi to Manali:

People in Delhi needn’t be preached about having fun. Nevertheless, since it is time for those who are in their late twenties to step into the responsible phase of life, a road trip would be the fantastic way to face the life crisis. And Manali would be the best choice. The stretch towards Manali wherein the cool breeze gets cooler and cooler every kilometer is an undeniable experience. Once you get there leave the rest behind and indulge in refreshing sports. Nothing can be better than playing like a child.

Ahmedabad to KutchAhmedabad to Kutch:

The blue skies and the white salt deserts. The eight hour long journey from Ahmedabad to Kutch is complimented with fun and colorful cultures of Kutch. The ethnic beauty of India, rich culture and heritage and the master pieces of Indian hasthakala (handicrafts), all of the together complimented alongside with the salt deserts is a feast to the eyes. If you are looking for an experience which you can always cherish pack your bags and head to kutch.

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