10 Road Trips You Should Definitely Take Before 30

Jaipur to RanthamboreJaipur to Ranthambore:

 If you want to make this a journey of lifetime I suggest you ride from the Pink City to meet the Ranthambore tigers. Just about 180 kilometers from Jaipur, lays the empire of Ranthambore tigers giving you the most thrilling experience.

The Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary is a must visit. And the road that takes you there is dappled with unique blend of mustard fields and never ending vast lands and is just as scenic as you want it to be. Stop by at the Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary before you have rendezvous with the royal tigers.

Bengaluru to Nandi HillsBengaluru to Nandi Hills:

Bengaluru, a mechanized city that is, evens out the tiring life with the beautiful Nandi Hills just outside the city. Peace is all what Nandi Hills offers you. Leave behind all the stress you carry from work and other responsibilities and drive away to watch the rising sun from the hills. Well if you are a late riser trek up to the hills and capture the nature’s beauty just after the sunrise. Just an hour away from the city lies the nature’s paradise.

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