10 Food Superstitions Across Asia You Never Knew About

Let The Silverware Fall!

Alike us, during grand celebrations or festivals Russians shower luxury by using silver cutlery. It’s believed if a silver spoon falls from one in the table, the person is soon to get a lady guest. If the same drops a silver knife, then a man may turn up as guest. However intentional drops won’t let any guest to your place. Also, only silver can do the deal and no other metal.

The Bubbling Prediction

You get the coffee and drink it. Now play with it. When you get a cup of coffee, next time, look out of the froth on top. If it goes opposite to you, then hard times are in wait. If the bubbles gather toward you, then you are soon to be blessed with good luck. When you check, don’t move your hands to role the froth. That does not end in an accurate prediction.

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