10 Food Superstitions Across Asia You Never Knew About

Dab Some Wine for Good Luck

Wine is precious and it’s expensive as well. But it’s a fluid and flowing outside the bottle might happen. Italians found a good way to use the spilled wine. They take it on their finger and dab it behind their ears. The good fragrance of wine then acts as a perfume increasing the charm of your persona. On your next Italy visit, do this. Localites get impressed and consider you closer to their Italian customs.

Don't Put Food In Your Mouth With A Fork

People of Thailand have limited the use of fork, only to push food on the spoon. Taking the food with fork up to the mouth is considered bad. More than myth, this belief has a scientific backup that as the fork is sharp, it might hurt the tongue. Hence, fork is kept till the plate while the spoon is used to take in the food.

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