10 Countries And Their Breakfast, Best is India's

BANGALORE: The world filled with continents and the continents inherently filled with countries are the perfect example of the world diversity. Their ethnicity, their values, lifestyle, religion, relationships, and as said there is a variety for every individual that walks on earth and so will be the way with countries, reports BI.

Everyone new born in this world come with their own set of taste buds that can be appeased at times at some places, the food of an individual starts with breakfast. The breakfast as we think is a normal issue but every other has their own style and on that is where we derive the article on. Compiled below is the list of breakfast’s that people have in their countries and these are the best ones that looked out, listed in alphabetical order.


Brazil is the fifth largest country and the giant of South Africa, the country is a landfill of captivating places with dazzling stretch of powdery white-sand beaches and pristine rain forests.

Brazil is the largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world and the people here have a serene life style and they start their morning breakfast includes ham, cheeses, and bread, served with coffee and milk.


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