10 Roads That Are Danger Avenues But Exhilarant Picturesque's

BANGALORE: Scenic locations are a visual treat; the nature is by far the default provider of these experiences. But the human civilization has never left their go-for-it tendency, which is why we are here today with such magnificent marvels around us. Travel is by far the best way to relax your cramped out nerves and if you are one of the junkie who would feel more at home riding on roads, then this is for you, reports Mashable.

Living on the edge is a phrase but while you are riding through one of these passes your life would actually be hanging at the edge. Check out these 10 craziest roads that one could come across in their life, with two of them in India within your reach.

Zoji La, India

Zoji La is the second highest pass on the Srinagar-Leh Highway, at a height of 11575 ft; the road stretches 5.6 miles connecting Ladakh and Kashmir. So if you are on a trip to these places in conjunction turn your vehicle through the mountain curves which are as sedate and as dangerous at the edges.


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