First robot-assisted spinal surgery performed

A team of neurosurgeons led by an Indian-origin professor from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine performed the first-ever...

Tuesday, 08 May 2018, 17:16 IST

Diabetics need not always hold back from eating eggs: Study

People suffering from diabetes may finally eat eggs daily without a pinch of guilt. A new study suggests that eating up to 12 eggs a week does not...

Tuesday, 08 May 2018, 17:05 IST

Best Mattress Sleeping Posture for Muscle Recovery

As a physiotherapist, I spend most of my days treating various aches and pains. Over time, I discovered that how we sleep affects our general...

Friday, 04 May 2018, 19:09 IST

Mahindra Rise Creates Awareness Amongst Women In Rural India Against Breast Cancer In A Social Media Campaign

Mahindra Rise, an Indian multinational car manufacturing company has taken an initiative to create awareness amongst women in rural India against...

Wednesday, 02 May 2018, 13:48 IST

Amazing Health benefits Of Dehydrated Food That You Should Know

Dehydrating is the oldest form of food preservation as it saves space and cost. In addition, the dehydrated food preserves its nutrition value as well as delicious taste.

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Drinking water may boost mental skills in exercising elderly

Older people who indulge in physical activity should increase their amount of water intake, to reap the full cognitive benefits of exercise, researchers suggest

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Over 95% of world's population breathing unhealthy air

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Fortis Healthcare receives EoI from Fosun Health Holdings