Gene therapy could restore hand function after spinal cord injury

Researchers have tested a new gene therapy that has shown potential to help people with spinal cord injuries to re-learn skilled hand movements.

Monday, 18 June 2018, 16:41 IST

Sleep for 7 hours to keep your heart younger

Sleeping for seven hours a day may reduce the age of your heart as well as decrease the risks for cardiovascular disease, say researchers.

Thursday, 07 June 2018, 16:26 IST

Work stress may lead to irregular heart rate

Too much job pressure may increase your risk developing a rapid and irregular heart rate, called atrial fibrillation, which can lead to a stroke,...

Wednesday, 06 June 2018, 16:42 IST

6 Facts You Didn't Know About Water Purifiers

Our body is made up of 70% water and we need to keep replenishing it with a daily intake of fresh and clean drinking water to maintain a healthy body.

Monday, 04 June 2018, 19:35 IST

Only 20% of young people treated for anxiety stay well: Study

Researchers have found that only 20 per cent of young people diagnosed with anxiety will stay well over the long term, no matter which treatment they get

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Artificial Intelligence outsmarts doctors at detecting skin cancer

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) system has been found to detect skin cancer more accurately than a group of experienced dermatologists from 17 countries around the world


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