Zendesk platform enable businesses to act on customer data in one central workspace

Zendesk platform enable businesses to act on customer data in one central workspace
Zendesk today announced no-code tools to help businesses bring custom data into its platform and create differentiated customer experiences (CX). Admins can now leverage the new custom objects in integrated triggers to easily create tailored, efficient workflows. Additionally, agents can leverage end-to-end context to deliver more personalized conversations. 
The volume of data created, captured, copied, and consumed is expected to exceed 180 trillion gigabytes by 2025. However, according to the Zendesk 2023 CX Trends Report, 67% of business leaders report seeing disorganized, reactive efforts to use customer data. It is critical for leaders to not only unify data across their operations, but use it strategically to improve CX.
"There is a clear path for CX teams to create personalized interactions that build stronger customer relationships, but to get there, data from all parts of a company’s business needs to be readily available to them,” said Paxton Cooper, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Zendesk. “Our customers have long benefited from Zendesk’s open, flexible platform, and our new offerings will allow service teams to act quickly and unlock more of their data’s potential.”
Provide complete customer context for more intelligent CX- Personalized experiences are the new standard as 70% of customers expect anyone they interact with to have full context. However, 69% of agents do not feel equipped with the data they need to improve or personalize experiences.
Building on Zendesk’s powerful agent workspace, businesses can now customize their workspaces further without code, and seamlessly integrate custom objects into their workflows. This gives agents easy access to important details they need for their tasks. Instead of building or buying an asset management app to keep track of IT equipment, a company can use custom objects to record details about each item. Then, when someone needs help with a piece of equipment, all the information about it will appear within their ticket.
Zendesk is also releasing a flexible layout builder that allows teams to create tailored interfaces for specific agent roles and workflows. That way, agents only see the information they need for a specific type of request, allowing them to focus and solve issues faster. As an example, an IT team can create separate layouts for software approvals, hardware requests, and general IT questions.
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