Witty, Inventive & Enthralling Artistic Brands that went 'Far & Beyond'

Witty, Inventive & Enthralling Artistic Brands that went 'Far & Beyond'

What if you had the finest product line-up & you were also fulfilling the purpose of the customers? But the first thing the customers will notice before having the product or service is how you promote your brand. How creative your Banner hoardings are? It's pretty obvious today that the more money you spend on brand marketing, the more it will grab today's audience. But it was not always about brand marketing & promotion; it's about how witty, creative & skilled you are when it comes to making heads turn.

Great businesses require excellent marketing and creative advertising. Establishing an incredible product is necessary, but it must also be effectively communicated to the masses, which necessitates research, strategizing, and executing marketing campaigns to gain the traction your business requires. In India, creative advertising has been very dynamic, adapting to new norms on a daily basis. With their marketing strategies, some incredible brands have turned the marketing pinwheel and broken records.

Let's take a look at 5 such brand advertants that were too sneaky yet genius!

You've probably heard of the coffee brand 'Starbucks,' that luxury coffee shop that many people like to visit on weekends to enjoy the inviting atmosphere. Starbucks is well-known for its high-quality coffee, which comes at a high price. But do you know why people enjoy visiting even though it can drain their bank accounts?

Starbucks-: Cool Down. Perk Up

As an example, consider Starbucks. Despite being a well-known coffee beverage brand, it also has witty and inventive creative marketing. It was successful because it was able to provide an experience that demonstrated how much of the world's thought was focused on coffee shops and how many of us drink coffee outside of our homes. But no one knew about it before that, so they created attractive looking coffee shops with old vintage looking ambience to attract customers, and they received customer appreciation for it. However, the company's main goal at the time was to establish a brand value and gain exposure all over the world.

At some point, the brand's value began to dwindle, and Starbucks came up with a creative and artistic way to reach out to an increasing number of people without spending a single penny on advertising. What they did was begin writing their customer's name above the 'Queen Esther' logo.

Yes, you are correct; the logo on the Starbucks coffee mug depicts the Queen of Jews.

Starbucks began writing customers' names on cups in the year 2012, but the company was founded in 1971.

But have you ever wondered why Starbucks did this?

Yes, you are correct; by implementing this strategy, the company hopes to provide the best possible experience while also establishing a first-name relationship with the customer. It shook like hell. However, maintaining brand popularity can be a difficult task at times. Starbucks was losing popularity at the time due to fewer customers, but what it did impressed everyone!

It began posting incorrect customer names on their coffee mugs and on their social media handles. Customers thought it was hilarious that they were paying a lot of money for a coffee and such a big brand couldn't even write their name properly. Some even shared with their friends, while others took photos and shared them on social media. People claim that it was part of Starbucks' marketing strategy to entice customers to return. If that's the case, what a clever way to reclaim a customer without spending a dime!

Zomato-: “Ache Din are Finally here”

When Zomato, the restaurant discovery app, launched their online delivering service last month with an outdoor advertising campaign, they managed to stay in the spotlight in the right way. They chose the best and funniest one-liners for a blood-read board that boldly stated that there is never a shortage of food. Whether it's a current news story or a popular Bollywood song, their commercials have left an indelible imprint on our minds. You see a red board with white text and immediately recognise it as Zomato.

Not just outdoor, but even online where accounts die to get followers, there Zomato has a celebrity presence. Their posts are so creative that you want to turn the notifications on for the updates. They’re interesting, funny and the minimal artwork educates you on the viral topic of the internet/ news with the service they have to advertise about in the smartest way. None of it feels possible if you don’t have a focused, creative team for this. And, we bet they have the best one because today we can find zomato one-liners hoarding literally everywhere eyes can go.

Tide-: “Kyun Chaunk gaye na?”

What do you thing what marketing strategies made tide look so indian? Yes, obviously they are the hindi one-liners. While most Indian brands use emotional content in their ads, both online and offline, Tide is one brand that stands out with its funny yet impactful commercials. Tide once made the Indian advertising industry proud by making the 2018 Super Bowl list with a creative concept.

In a new Tide commercial, Wong, Doctor Strange's longtime colleague, is forced to clean up an independently-minded Cloak of Levitation that has been smudged and befouled by pizza flour and tuna melt.

What a clever way to express that superheroes get dirt too in their costumes and that tide has their back when it comes to saving the world.

Berger-: “No Daag No Dhabba”

This one, in particular, stands out.

Have you ever seen a banner sheet mixed in with the sky?

The guy appears to be using a magical paint to transform the banner into the sky.

Dunzo-: “Bag Milk-a Bag”

You awoke early one day and dashed to your kitchen to make a cup of tea, only to discover that the bottle was empty. Then you remembered you gave all of that to your cat the night before. You now have two options: go out and look for milk or have it delivered to your house within 15 minutes. Obviously, who wants to do such laborious work when we have technology at our fingertips? You opened Dunzo and searched for the milk, and to your surprise, it arrived sooner than expected.

See how simple that was.

Now, you got the milk delivered right to your door, but that surprise one-liner that Dunzo sent you written in the bag saying “Bag Milk-a Bag” made you smile, didn't it? And that is how Dunzo conducts their marketing campaigns. They market themselves when they are aware that you require their services.

Kitkat-: “Break toh Banta hai”

This Kit Kat commercial modifies the Kit Kat slogan "have a break" to entice viewers to take a break from work and enjoy the nature and ambiance of the real world.

Doesn't this hoarding look like a person trying to escape the frame? Clearly, it is.

Looking at the man's face, we can tell how eager he was to get a break and win that Nexus 7. But don't be so sure about yourself; taking a break may not always result in a Nexus 7, but it will almost always result in good results.