How Smartphones Can Help Businesses Save More

How Smartphones Can Help Businesses Save More

Technology is an ever-evolving concept today that surrounds every aspect of business and life. Smartphones started a revolution more than a decade back and today, they have tuned into intrinsic tools for business and pleasure, with the distinction between them often being non-existent in part. Let us now look at a few ways in which the smartphone revolution can help your own company save money.

Greener Options

Smartphones today are not usually made up of plastic, as OEMs are using as much metal as they can to reduce the plastic waste issue that previous generation of smartphones were facing. From a purely business standpoint though, there is another major advantage to be had here. Smartphones consume a fraction of the power that a desktop, or even a laptop uses. As the cost of business utilities is quite heavily felt by the SME sector in the UK, this can make a lot of difference. Make no mistake, smartphones cannot yet replace laptops, but they can reduce costs by:

  1. Reducing the number of active computers that a company needs to run at the same time
  2. Reducing the usage of desktops/laptops in general, which contributes heavily towards reducing energy consumption

You can make even more definitive changes to the company’s monthly commercial water, electricity and/or gas expenses from your own smartphone right now. In case you are reading this on your phone, simply tap on Utility Bidder, and see how easy it is to switch over to a much more affordable business energy and water supplier, with only your smartphone by your side.


Business mobility was a limited concept before smartphones came in, and today, it is one of the most crucial aspects to keep in mind while conducting any kind of business. As savings is the theme of this post, we will concentrate more on how smartphone mobility can help any company save money.

For starters, mid-range mobile phones are a lot cheaper than even low-end laptops, and yet they can be used for so much more. The smaller size factor makes it easy for the workforce to carry them to any place, and use them as regular scanners, barcode scanners, access points for entering a digital environment, updating their present status on a project in real time, and doing nearly everything that a laptop may or may not be able to do.

Power and Versatility

We already touched on the versatile uses of a smartphone in any workplace while discussing how, despite being a cheaper alternative, they offer more functionality than a laptop. If necessary, enterprise grade software solutions can be installed on company smartphones to make them more secure and useful for the employees; something that was only a glitchy experience even in the recent past.

Modern smartphones are extremely versatile and powerful devices that are becoming more powerful with each passing year.The latest flagship smartphones today have chips in them that make them even more powerful than older generation of desktop computers, which is remarkable to say the least! For instances where that power can be useful, the smartphone becomes an even more versatile tool for business than it normally is.