Wikipedia receives its first desktop notification after ten years

Wikipedia receives its first desktop notification after ten years

After 10 years, Wikipedia, one of the most well-known free encyclopedias in the world, has finally undergone its first upgrade. Wikimedia, the organization that powers Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, recently revealed that the 22nd anniversary of English Wikipedia coincided with the release of the first big update to its desktop interface. 

The new desktop interface, according to Wikimedia, was created to meet the needs of the next generation of internet users. The platform's primary focus has been on making it simple and accessible to everyone, regardless of their previous experience with the internet. The new update was developed after consulting with volunteer editors and readers of Wikipedia.

According to Selena Deckelmann, Chief Product and Technology Officer at the Wikimedia Foundation, "These features were created with feedback from readers and volunteers from all over the world with the goal of meeting the needs of our increasingly diverse audience while maintaining the simple and straightforward feel that millions of people have come to trust over the course of the last 22 years."

What is new?

  • A new search experience that combines images and descriptions will now be available to users, making it simpler for them to locate articles on the platform.
  • To assist editors and readers who speak more than one language, the platform has increased the prominence of language-switching tools. More than 300 languages are available, and users can quickly access their preferred language.
  • Additionally, users will receive an updated sticky header with links to Search, the page name, and sections that will move as they scroll. The modification has been incorporated into the portal to reduce scrolling fatigue.
  • A table of contents that lets readers know where they are in the article and gives them a sense of its context.