Why India Needs To Consider Developing A Yacht Charter Industry

Why India Needs To Consider Developing A Yacht Charter Industry

While it might seem like a distant memory, it was only a couple of decades ago that most people were completely reliant on travel agents and industry experts when it came to booking themselves a break. The advent of the internet has contributed to travellers having access to information about their dream destinations at the touch of a button, and the idea of building your perfect holiday has become an expectation.

Most people appreciate the element of freedom they now have to arrange a break that incorporates everything from romantic meals and time spent on secluded beaches to family-friendly activities and fun-packed festivals. A yacht charter is the ultimate in holidaying freedom as you can travel around your chosen destination at your leisure, drop anchor in a wide variety of places and enjoy your own space, even if you’re in the middle of the action.

The appeal of yacht chartering has certainly grown in recent years, to a point where it is now a global industry and experts predict that it will be worth nearly eleven billion dollars by 2027.  Travellers that want the lifestyle that a yachting holiday gives them are increasing demand for high-speed yachts that are ideal for those who want to enjoy watersports and fishing while on their break and want all the necessary facilities to hand.

The yacht charter companies are doing their best to meet that demand and exceed expectations for their customers, offering everything from higher-spec vessels to online booking options and mobile apps. Keen sailors can choose the level of support they want on board, from a fully crewed yacht to a bareback charter.

The global shape of yacht chartering

Currently. European countries are leading the market when it comes to the yacht charter industry, accounting for more than eight billion dollars of the industry’s total value. The popularity of marine tourism has increased the demand for yachts chartering across the globe and countries that have not yet embraced its potential should be considering their own local market.

North America is another large market with many tourists choosing to charter a yacht and explore the wide variety of destinations that are accessible from the US by sea. With its own varied and appealing coastline and a number of nearby destinations within a day of sailing, there are plenty of providers enabling adventurous holidaymakers to create their own perfect breaks.

Travellers appreciate the fact that many travel providers work together, allowing customers to book their yacht charter at the same time as their flights to keep admin levels to a minimum and ensure that the break runs smoothly. This interaction between travel providers has been another factor in the increasing popularity of boat chartering which has become a lot easier as technology has improved.

The fastest-growing market is in the Asia Pacific region, where economic and social factors have made yacht chartering a much more affordable and accessible option for a lot more people in recent years. Marine sports are becoming more and more popular in countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and China, and the response to demand has been enough to grow the industry significantly in recent years.

The yacht charter industry in India

India may not be among the largest yacht chartering market, but there is huge potential for its burgeoning charter industry to grow swiftly. Operators in India are currently benefiting from a number of new government initiatives to encourage marine tourism, increasing the demand for yacht charters even more and allowing room for even more competition in the marketplace.

The Indian government is in the process of improving the infrastructure available in port cities to allow them to capitalise on the potential uplift in tourism that such changes would facilitate. Improved transport links, better equipped services and other changes will make it easier for visitors to access local tourism destinations, especially those in coastal regions.

What also makes this type of growth possible are yacht and catamaran charter websites like BorrowaBoat who have made the whole booking process for customers worldwide a lot easier. There is extensive demand from customers that want to explore the many amazing spots that India offers for those chartering a yacht there. Some are relatively well-known as traditional tourist destinations, such as Mumbai and Goa, where keen sailors can enjoy all the things they expect on a yachting holiday including regattas and other yachting events and races.

Goa was the chosen site for building a fully-equipped marina, making the west coast of India into one of the top destinations for sailors wanting to explore the region’s capital of Panjim. Businessman Rajiv Somani was keen to create a haven for sailors in this area and exerted significant pressure on the Indian government to be allowed permission to build the marina.

This has provided the inspiration for other port towns that want to make the most of the potential growth in the tourism industry in other areas. Kochi, in Kerela, has a thriving industry of sailors that want to enjoy the wide variety of local attractions.

These include visits to the Kochi port trust, shipyard, and the old town and views of some of the most spectacular scenery in the area. For those that want to see the backwaters of Eloor, or Gundu Island, a five-acre island that exudes tranquillity and can only be accessed by boat.

Efforts to grow the Indian yacht charter industry have already enjoyed some success, and the global appeal of this style of holiday should see the demand for marine tourism increase.