Ways to have an Eco-friendly Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Ways to have an Eco-friendly Raksha Bandhan Celebration

The way the environment gets hurt with festivals is something that is known to all.  It is not only about air pollution and noise pollution but many other things as well. Celebrating festivals in a sustainable way is not only the need of the hour but that is how it should be.  While people are seeing opting for sustainable ways during Holi and Diwali, Raksha Bandhan is also one festival where people are going in for sustainable celebratory ways.

Go for Edible Rakhis

Festival are all about what one gets to eat and especially sweets in that matter. An Indian festival without sweets is incomplete and nowadays the chocolates have captured the market in a big way. What better than celebrating Raksha Bandhan with chocolates. Rakhi with chocolates is one way through which one can give a twist to the celebration along with maintaining the sweet part. While those who can, can make them at home also while others can order this Rakhi online as well. A chocolate that is edible is put over a thread that is tied to the wrist of the brothers. Then after the thread is tied, the siblings can eat the chocolate.

Plantable Rakhi too are in

Pandemic was the time when people started thinking about the environment more. People started doing so many things so that they can respect nature and do something for it. Now a lot of Rakhis are made in which a seed is placed which can be planted. So after the Rakhi tying ceremony is done, the seed can be carefully plucked out of the Rakhi can be planted. When this seed starts growing, the bond of the sister and brother too would become strong. This not only fulfils the promise which a brother gives to his sister but also to mother earth.

Eco-friendly Rakhis

The materials which are used for festivals are often seen clogging sewage lines and polluting water bodies.  There are times when the material used on auspicious occasions are found on the roads which are heart-breaking. While the material used in the Rakhis can be hazardous for the environment, many people opt for eco-friendly Rakhis. These Rakhis are all made up of materials that won’t harm the environment in any way. Right from edible colours to handmade paper, stuff like this is used in these Rakhis and thus they are good for the skin too. While there are situations in which a brother get a lot of Rakhis then there artificial paints and stones used on the Rakhi can irritate the skin.

Opt for Flower rakhi

Another Rakhi with which an eco-friendly celebration can happen is a flower Rakhi. Like the chocolate Rakhi, a small flower can be stuck on a thread and since it is environmentally friendly and can easily degrade it is again good for the environment. Making a combination of Rakhi with Chocolates can add a twist into this. These Rakhis can be preserved too as well just the way many people preserve flowers and leaves. These will not only look good but will smell good as well. These Rakhis for sure will be a visual treat for the eyes.