How are Online Donation Websites Changing Lives?

How are Online Donation Websites Changing Lives?

Generating donations through crowdfunding websites has become one of the major ways to collect funds today. Crowdfunding in India is a concept that has changed the lives of many by making their dreams a reality.

In simple words, crowdfunding is a method of raising funds from a large group of people who online donation in India supporting patients, students, creative individuals, NGOs and future entrepreneurs.  The main aim of crowdfunding is to support people in need of funds to reach out to those who can provide them with it. Anyone who makes an online donation in India through a crowdfunding website can make a big difference with whatever amount they decide to contribute.

Online donation in India caught everyone's attention during the late 2000s, and especially after and during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. When the entire world was losing hope, jobs, and loved ones, online donation in India emerged as a life-saving ray of sunshine.

Here are the two significant types of crowdfunding concepts that you must know of:

  1. Equity-Based Crowdfunding: Initiated by people who have revolutionary business ideas but lack the funds to make them come true.
  2. Donation-based Crowdfunding: Online donation in India for a charitable cause comes under this type of crowdfunding. It can be a fundraiser to generate funds to treat a chronic disease or a condition that requires a considerable amount of money that is impossible for anyone to collect without help.  This model entails no payback.

Post pandemic, people turned towards banks, other financial institutes, or their family and friends in case of a medical, financial emergency. But now, with the emergence of online fundraising in India more and more people are choosing to crowdfund. The concept has now become one of the most reliable sources to gather funds.

Today, medical campaigns in India constitute 80-90% of the money raised by fundraising websites such as Impact Guru - a leading donation-based crowdfunding platform. With the constantly increasing medical costs and Covid-19 still affecting the lives of many, these websites that invite people to make an online donation in India are changing and saving the lives of thousands of people.

Crowdfunding websites approach super-specialty hospitals and tell them about crowdfunding and its benefits. As a result, they have an impactful hold on the market now.

Making Healthcare Affordable for All

Regardless of the background, income group, at some point, people run out of funds and securities to aid their healthcare bills and the notable change that crowdfunding websites are bringing in today is making expensive medical treatments affordable for everyone. Through the innovative process of online donation in India, a lot of lives have been saved and changed with small but impactful contributions from countless people.

So, if you want to make a difference yourself, become a part of this humble process. Just pick the best crowdfunding website for you and browse through the list of fundraisers. Then, go ahead and contribute, make a difference in their life with an amount of your choice.

You can also create your own fundraiser through a few simple and easy-to-follow steps.

However, when starting your own fundraiser or making an online donation in India, make sure you go through the terms and conditions of the website since every crowdfunding website has its own set of rules and minimal service fee that they charge on the funds raised by you.