VTEX Partners with Terrific Minds to Power Next-Gen Digital Commerce Solutions in India

VTEX Partners with Terrific Minds to Power Next-Gen Digital Commerce Solutions in India
VTEX, the global enterprise digital commerce platform, announced its strategic partnership with Terrific Minds, a leading technology studio specializing in customer-centric digital commerce solutions. This collaboration aims to provide businesses with innovative tools and strategies to enhance their online presence and customer engagement. This partnership will drive innovative plugins and apps that amplify VTEX's capabilities. By harnessing VTEX's composable and complete platform and Terrific Minds' expertise in seamlessly connecting individuals to the digital landscape while crafting meaningful interactions, enterprise brands and retailers can greatly thrive in the contemporary digital commerce landscape. When combining the strengths of VTEX and Terrific Minds, companies can look forward to a dynamic and customer-focused approach to digital commerce that sets them apart in the market. 
With a strong emphasis on prioritizing the ultimate consumer experience, Terrific Minds designs customized solutions utilizing leading-edge platforms such as VTEX. Since 2015, the company has been working with global businesses to reimagine their ecommerce and deliver 10 times value across all domains - be it web design, app development or workflow management. The teams in the US, Australia, Switzerland, and India are united by the vision of creating design and user experiences that transform with the pace of the industry.  
Hari G. Nair, CTO at Terrific Minds, says, “This partnership with VTEX reflects our commitment to elevate clients' businesses digitally. This collaboration signifies a milestone in our journey. We champion 10 times Value Obsession for our customers. This partnership allows us to leverage VTEX, a seamlessly modern platform to build robust, scalable, and flexible digital commerce solutions. VTEX is part of the MACH Alliance, a global consortium of technology companies that are focused on advancing the use of Microservices-based, API-first, and Cloud-based Headless solutions Our joint focus is on VTEX ecosystem app development as this empowers seamless integration of product details, inventory, and pricing into the VTEX driven marketplace.” 
Yashdeep Vaishnav, country head, VTEX India, said, ‘We are delighted to join forces with Terrific Minds, which will have significant improvement in expanding our digital commerce capabilities. With this alliance, we are committed to delivering innovative and future-proof commerce solutions that empower businesses to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Through our collaboration, we aim to pioneer new standards in customer engagement, operational efficiency, and sustainable growth, setting a benchmark for excellence in the retail sector.” 
Source: Press Release