Things You Have To Pack For Your Trip But You Will Most Likely Forget When Going To Italy

When it comes to traveling, it seems that just two items are always on the packing list: the wallet and the passport. These definitely have to be right at the top of any packing list but there are many other essentials that tend to be forgotten. Italy is a wonderful country and you surely want to make the most out of it.

Things You Have To Pack For Your Trip But You Will Most Likely Forget When Going To Italy

It does not matter if you travel alone and you go on an adventure-filled trip or you just go on one of the Withlocals’ private tours in Naples. You always need more objects than what you initially planned to have on you.

While there are countless items that can be mentioned and that people forget, let’s just focus on some that are really important. You may very well thank us for telling you to pack the following during your Italy trip.

A Reusable Water Bottle

It does not matter what reusable water bottle you decide to take with you as all of them are great. You can fill them up whenever you go to a part of Italy that is really hot and where you might have problems getting water.

The reusable water bottle is much sturdier than what you find in the plastic bottles of the local mercatos. A small water bottle that easily fits inside your bag is all that you actually need. You can easily buy one made out of glass, aluminum, hard-plastic or stainless steel.

A reusable water bottle is great for your Italy trip as you even protect nature since you do not rely on all the plastic bottles.

A Laundry Bag

If you go from one city to the next, it is really easy to have problems because of dirty laundry. A simple wet bathing suit or a dirty sock will make the vacation wardrobe smell really bad. Clean clothes should never touch dirty clothes.

Although you most likely never thought about this, if you pack a quality small laundry bag you can easily contain all smelly, soiled or wet clothes. If you do not buy a bag that is especially intended for this purpose, you can always go for a grocery bag. It is more than enough.

First Aid Supplies

If you visit the sea and you want to get tanned, you can easily end up with blisters. This can even happen when you just walk around. Since you are in another country, you can easily end up spending a lot on bandages.

Things You Have To Pack For Your Trip But You Will Most Likely Forget When Going To Italy

Just like every single travel destination in the world, basic first aid supplies will be overpriced. It is also completely inconvenient to go to a store after being injured to buy some emergency supplies.

Create a first aid kit for your Italy getaway. You do not need things that are complicated. Just pack antibiotic ointments, bandages and moleskin in the event that you often injure yourself because of your shoes.

Emergency Snacks

There are so many situations in which having an emergency snack can make your situation a lot better.For instance, let’s say that you go on a Naples cruise and you get hungry. Why not get a snack? Maybe a late-night connection ends up being canceled and airport shops are closed.

Grab some emergency snacks and pack them. Take what you love but make sure that you choose foods that will not have to be refrigerated and will not get mushy when exposed to hot weather.

An Extra Memory Card

Just look at the top attractions of Naples or Rome. You will quickly realize the fact that you will want to take many pictures during your travels. However, packing an extra memory card is something that is so rarely considered.

Having a second memory card with you means that you never miss the best possible images. Also, when you take one with you, there is a much higher possibility that you will pay less than what you would need to pay in a destination where many tourists exist.

Hand Sanitizer

Last but not least, even the CDC recommends that you frequently wash your hands in order to prevent illness. However, most people never pack hand sanitizers. Do yourself a favor and buy one now. You will not regret this choice.

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