The Richest Men of All Time

9. John D. Rockefeller:

John Davison Rockefeller, an American industrialist and humanitarian was the founder of the Standard Oil Company that dominated the oil industry. He founded this Oil Company in 1870 and strongly ran it till his retirement in 1897.He revolutionized the petroleum industry and defined the organization of modern philanthropy. Rockefeller, the first billionaire in U.S. is among the wealthiest men in this world with a net worth of $323.4 billion. This American industrialist was a serious and regular philanthropist, contributing to education, medicine and science. Till date, he is best remembered for his profound wealth and his philanthropic nature.

10. Mir Osman Ali Khan:

Mir Osman Ali Khan, also known as The Nizam of Hyderabad, was the last ruler of Hyderabad before the invasion of Hyderabad by the neighboring country in 1947. The Nizam is one of the richest men to have ever lived with a net worth of $230 billion, where his personal collection of gold was worth more than $100 million and owned over $400 million worth of jewels including the famous Jacob Diamond worth $95 million today. He supposedly owned more than 50 Rolls Royce. Khan is claimed to have used the diamond as a paperweight in his office. His reign ended in 1947 and died 2 decades later in 1967.

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