The most in-demand jobs & Skills that will thrive in the post-pandemic world

The most in-demand jobs & Skills that will thrive in the post-pandemic world

One year down the line since the Pandemic outbreak, the world has adjusted to the new COVID-19 era relatively well. While new mutated strains of the virus continue to menace Europe, N. America and many other countries all over the world, yet there is a sense of lifting restriction in other nations that have fared well to restrict the new mutated strains. Despite massive efforts from the governments to stimulate the economy, these are uncertain times for businesses and individuals alike. At the same time, the Pandemic has also accelerated the digital transformation process. New emerging techs such as AI in the field of robotic automation, Cloud servers, DevOps and Blockchain in the Fintech domain, to name a few are being implemented across all the spectrum of businesses be it small-scale or large-scale in nature. This has further led to a sudden spurt in new job opportunities.

On that note, it becomes necessary for young adults to choose the right career path that suits their personality, character and IQ type in these unpredictable yet promising times ahead. Here is a list of some of the most in-demand jobs that will remain relevant for the next decade or so, in this new post-pandemic era:

Home Healthcare Specialists & Healthcare Supporting Stuffs

The Pandemic outbreak resulted in sustained lockdowns for several months all over the world. This led to a tremendous need of health workers who could deliver medical assistance to people at their homes. Even though restrictions have been lifted due to the slow down in the number of active cases, the pandemic ultimately led to the emergence of many MedTech companies offering medical assistance, personal healthcare & hygiene, therapy, consultation sessions, and a lot more. At the moment, Home Healthcare Workers are one of the most in-demand jobs on the market. And, the trend is likely to stay for years to come as according to hardy climate experts, human’s volatile interactions with the environment are likely to generate more Pandemics in the future.

Most in demand job titles according to a recent survey done by LinkedIn: Health Care Assistant, Pharmacist, Health Technician, Dental Assistant, Home Health Aide worker.


Digital Marketing Experts

The demand for digital marketing is huge right now, and there are no reasons why in the upcoming future the trend will ever stop. The Pandemic acted as the gas furnace, as it even forced millions of traditional brick & mortar stores to have some kind of digital presence in order to survive. Needless to say, the pandemic also inspired many individually owned small scale businesses to scale up digitally, and of course, big MNCs had already on- boarded the digital transformation train way before the Pandemic outbreak. Hence, there is a huge demand for Digital Marketing specialists right now, and it is likely to heat up even further in the future.

According to the survey conducted by LinkedIn, hiring for this sector increased by 33% in the year 2020. Here are the top on-demand job titles: Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Marketing Representative, Search Engine Optimization Specialist.


Software Engineers & Web Developers

Web Developers create websites for clients using coding languages such as HTML and JavaScript. Their job involves not only to create and design a website for its clients but also to maintain the websites they have built, and tackle any user issues that might crop up in the future. Software Engineering is now a vast field in itself branching out into many applicational aspects from research, design, implementation to managing software programs. It also involves testing the designed software before launch. It could be any software from a game to a software managing a Cloud infrastructure. Together, Web Developers & Software Developer are the most sought-after jobs in the IT domain right now.

Top Job titles from the LinkedIn survey: Web Developer, Full Stack Engineer, Frontend Developer, Game Developer


Registered Nurses

Registered nurses administer patients’ medicine and treatments, perform tests and analyze results, and record patients’ medical histories and symptoms, among other tasks. The Pandemic outbreak exposed the world’s healthcare system to a great extent and showed many loopholes that exists. As a result, the demand for Registered Nurses has sky-rocketed.


Mental Health Experts

The percentage of young adults experiencing major mental health issues has increased all over the globe by a whopping 52% in the decade between 2010-2020 as compared to the figures of the previous decade. This includes serious psychological distress, major depression and even most attempted suicides witnessed more than ever before in the human history. As a result, the need for Mental Health Specialists is surging in order to meet the demand. Hiring for these roles increased by 24% in the year 2020.

The most in-demand job titles in this sector: Behavior Therapist, Mental Health Specialist, Psychotherapist, Mental Health Technician


Data Scientists

In this present world, where everything is online, and where everybody is bombarded with digital information – skills such as Data Visualization and Statistical Modelling are vital to reduce all the digital noise and clutter into valuable insights for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. As a result, hiring for Data Scientists has increased by an impressive 46% since 2019.

The most in-demand job titles are:  Data Scientist, Data Science Specialist, Data Management Analyst.

In these unpredictable times it becomes very important to choose the right career path, and having said that here are some of the most sought-after Soft Skills in the world right which is equally important to have in one’s arsenal in addition to the specialized skills acquired through courses:


  • Problem-Solving
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Storytelling
  • Growth mindset
  • Cultural awareness
  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership
  • Emotional intelligence