The Legality of Fantasy Sports In India-Is a Game Of Skill?

The Legality of Fantasy Sports In India-Is a Game Of Skill?

Fantasy games are online games that involve a point system where you can play real-time matches for price money. You can choose virtual teams and play them against each other and create a winning strategy. These games are legalized because of its format and the point system. The points earned playing these games can be converted to cash, prizes, and gifts. Fantasy games that provide cash are built with additional legal compliance.Gamezy fantasy cricket app is one of the popular gaming apps for playing matches for money.

Advantages of fantasy sports

Users who play fantasy games not only earn reward points but also develop their strategic skills. You learn the game when you start playing as many matches as possible. Supreme court has mentioned that these are games based on ‘chance’ and ‘skill.’ It is legal to play fantasy sports in India as they are termed as a ‘game of skills.’ They do not fall under the classification of gambling and betting.

Running a fantasy gaming website

It is legal to run a fantasy game website in India as the Indian law does not prohibit running one. You can launch an online fantasy cricket website in India hassle-free as long as you agree to the guidelines and legal compliance of building this type of a website. If the fantasy gaming website you have created is based on ‘games of chance’ then it falls under the law of gambling and a few states add restrictions to these types of websites.

Dream 11 judgment guidelines

Users must deploy considerable skills to play fantasy games of cricket. They must study and understand the rules of the games to start playing the games. The success depends on the superior knowledge of the users for playing these fantasy games. You can create a legal format of these games and create legal websites that deploy the skills instead of chance and betting.

Point system

These games require users to use skills and do not always require cash to play them. Though the users are rewarded with cash and rewards that they can use to make real-time purchases, it is considered to be legal to launch this website in this format. In this format, every task is assigned points that make it easy to earn rewards and points to play more matches.

Play with real money

The format of fantasy games is such that you can use real money to play these games as it is legalized because of the format used. It is similar to the format of gambling or betting games and requires the users to have skills and a thorough understanding of the game.


Fantasy games are legalized because of their format and have ushered umpteen users who want to launch the business of online fantasy games. This is a lucrative industry that is growing exponentially because the format used to create fantasy game are legalized under skill more than chance.