The Journey from a Farmer's Son to a Leading Data Analyst

The Journey from a Farmer's Son to a Leading Data Analyst

Leelakumararaja Lekkala’s inspiring journey from being a farmer’s son to a leading data analyst is a testament to his undying commitment and determination. Raised in a low-income family of peasant farmers, Lekkala’s strength to fight against all odds and challenges has led him to have a successful career and establish himself as a well-respected professional in the Information Services industry.

Today, Leelakumararaja has more than 17 years of experience in the United States healthcare industry, specializing in fraud analytics models, data mining, assembling and management, healthcare products, and SQL server management studio. While this might look like a story where stars shined upon someone trying to get his way into the inner circle, it is actually a story of a sincere attempt to make a good career with sheer hard work.

Leelakumararaja began his career with his technical skills in operating systems in 2001 as a Senior Assistant in Software Development at SANSERA Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, the second-largest Rocker Arm manufacturing company in Asia. He has taken up a number of responsibilities like preparation and analysis of daily production and quality reports.

Between 2006 and 2010, he joined Hinduja Global Solutions, Bangalore as an Assistant Claim Processing Executive, and helped the company achieve significant milestones in various activities. In less than 2 years, he was promoted to the position of Senior Processing Executive. He was responsible for maintaining production and quality reports for the team. He also coordinated with the operations team to ensure better company performance. He also acted as a mentor to junior examiners who improved their skills.

Between March 2010 and December 2011, he worked as a Process Specialist at Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai. During this tenure, he trained 25 people in WellPoint Configuration. He also had training and experience setting up KRA for the individual team members. He prepared documents for transition, ramp-up, metrics defining, tracking, and reporting system. After this, he moved on to become the Project Lead for Chennai. In July 2012, Leelakumararaja started working as a product analyst in the Chennai area. Currently, he is a Senior Data Analyst at Optum Services Inc., Minnetonka.

The exceptional career trajectory of Leelakumararaja  Lekkala portrays him as a highly competent and efficient professional. His vast experience in various industries has equipped him with organizational, technical, and managerial skills, allowing him to make significant professional achievements. He is an effective communicator with critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills. He has led various teams which have successfully achieved organizational goals. Leelakumararaja has also won many awards and has been recognized for his excellent work.

His journey proves that those who dream big definitely claw their way in some way or the other. From nothing, Leelakumararaja carved out a way for himself to succeed through passion, and a willingness to take up whatever came to him. His life story is an inspiration to budding professionals to be persistent in order to achieve remarkable results.