The 8th 'National Health Writers & Influencers Convention 2024' Strengthens the Health Writers' Network

The 8th 'National Health Writers & Influencers Convention 2024' Strengthens the Health Writers? Ne
The National Health Writers & Influencers Convention (NHWIC-2024), Asia's largest congregation of health writers and influencers, sponsored by AIIMS, Delhi was a great success. The convention took place on February 21st and lasted till 22nd at AIIMS, Delhi. The Siliconindia team considered it an honor to be present at the event, as it created history by bringing together a network of over 60 traditional and 15 top new-age media.
The convention featured some eminent speakers, panel discussions, workshops, awards, and exhibitions on various topics related to health and wellness. Dr. KP Kochhar, Professor and Head of Physiology at AIIMS, New Delhi took the honor to start the convention. She also offered her ideas on how to bridge the knowledge gap between medical professionals and the media regarding effective health care. Well, some panel discussions were conducted in there, covering a range of healthcare themes. 
In the discussion experts conferred about the latest innovations, challenges, and collaborative solutions in the fight against TB. As the chosen topic was ‘Transforming Tuberculosis: Innovations, Challenges, and Collaborative Solutions’, the magnanimous healthcare leaders Dr. Sanjay K. Mattoo, Dr. Rupak Singla, and Dr. Vijay Hadda put up a few well-researched presentations.
They delineated their important opinions shedding light on the transformative digital technology’s role in the treatment of tuberculosis. According to them, India has made great strides toward establishing the largest digital program for tuberculosis surveillance and monitoring, as well as toward accelerating molecular diagnosis using cutting-edge medical technology. They even appreciated the National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (NTEP) and its goal of eliminating tuberculosis by 2025.
Furthermore, the topic that was discussed was ‘Role of AI in Healthcare Content Creation for Health Media'. Also, the participants in the workshop on ‘The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Behavioural Change: Navigation Ethics, responsibility and cultural influences’ included doctors who educate people about the topics they cover on social media and raise awareness about health. They exchanged ideas about how social media plays a vital role in shaping society.
Additionally, ‘Digital Therapeutics: A boon to Diabetes remission’ was the subject of an explanation given by Dr. Maluk Mohamed, Co-Founder, Vice President, and Head of India Operations, Twins Digital Services India, San Francisco. He mentioned that Digital Therapeutics engages the whole body and uses digital twin technology to address the underlying causes of persistent metabolic problems. Senior consultant Dr. Mohsin Wali from Sir Gangaram Hospital, Dr. Shashank Joshi and Dr. Deepak Sahni also participated in a panel discussion at this Delhi event and shared their thoughts on the role of media in the healthcare sector.
The program's objectives were to showcase practical insights into healthcare journalism, help improve writing abilities, widen one's viewpoint on healthcare, and make learn about the most recent developments in illness management and healthcare technology.