SuperBot for Education: India's First Chatbot for Educational Institutes

Today, is an era of technology with impossible things turning into reality. Technology is not only taking a lead in terms of gadgets or social media, but is also playing a major role in automation industry. A major time of various businesses like Banks, Insurance, e-Commerce, etc is invested in catering to the queries/issues of their customers. With the advancement of technology, Chatbots are now taking over such processes as they have a negligible response rate and can cater to multiple customers in real time, thereby leading to higher customer satisfaction and business profitability.

Being in the Education Industry for more than 5 years and having served a number of Educational Institutes across India, PinnacleWorks came to realize that even in this era, universities/schools are struggling with the problem of serving their online visitors, leading to the loss of numerous potential leads. In order to provide a solution to this, PinnacleWorks came up with “SuperBot”, a product specially designed for Educational Institutes to meet their online counseling needs. The bot has been extensively trained with hundreds of thousands of counseling data and queries, which makes it unique and best-suited for this industry. Using this data, SuperBot can answer all the possible queries related to admissions and other generic queries about the organization. The SuperBot has been designed in a way that it could capture all the potential leads as well as can schedule campus visit for the interested candidates. Being a bot it is never tired, never on leave and thus can virtually handle unlimited queries, 24x7 without fail.

SuperBot is powered by Google’s NLU algorithms & built on Google Cloud Platform. The bot is currently capable of supporting queries in Hinglish as well. It also has Self-Learning capabilities  and thus gets smarter every day with catering to every query it  receives. One of the Co-Founders Mr. Ankit Ruia says “Since, SuperBot is India’s first chat bot that has been designed specifically for Educational Institutes, therefore going forward we plan to introduce other regional languages also for making it suitable for Institutes all throughout the country. At present, it can be integrated with Website, Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant while Twitter, Skype and IVR are under development and will be rolled out soon.”

PinnacleWorks has soft-launched SuperBot with BBD University, Lucknow. They are in talks with other leading educational organisations as well and plans to launch it very soon. Mr. Sarvagya Mishra, the other co-founder says “I would like to thank the management of BBD University for having a futuristic and great vision towards technology and for becoming the first movers in this space. I am certain that SuperBot has the ability to disrupt the current communication methodology of the educational institutes.

The team at PinnacleWorks is tirelessly working on making SuperBot smarter and more robust in order to serve the International market. They also have plans to extend the platform to other industries soon.


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