Sirio Berati, talented Albanian visual artist joins Vogue Italia

Sirio Berati, the albanian digital artist, shows the world another dimension of the photography.His instagram is packed with special works that differ in the details and confessions.

Part of "Vogue" and "IMDb", Sirio recognizes that these achievements are all the results of a constant work, dedication and passion.

Sirio is now in Canada studying Philosophy and Plotical Science, but his passion for photography still takes the majority of his day.

Follow his narrative in this exclusive interview.

Who is Sirio?

I am Sirio Berati, a 19-year-old who worships beauty and art. I am a young digital artist and my work focuses mainly on producing portrait videos and pictures. I always associate my work with an emotional narrative because I like to talk about issues such as identity, self-development, etc.

Sirio Berati, talented Albanian visual artist joins Vogue Italia

How did your desire born to take pictures and what were your first photos?

The desire to take pictures has started simultaneously with the use of social platforms such as Instagram or Tumblr, but besides that, I can say that I started shooting when I started using smartphones with a very good quality camera.

Instagram, the platform itself with the few photographers that were part of it back then pushed me to create and exploit every opportunity that the new technologies offered.

Sirio Berati, talented Albanian visual artist joins Vogue Italia

Have you had someone who supported you to continue this journey or were you alone?

At the beginning of this journey, I did not have any special support, as the ideas and what I wanted to do to some extent were considered taboo. So far I have been alone, while at the moment I speak I have found support, especially from foreign users and followers. I'm no longer affected by mentality or prejudice. This has helped me realize big projects and get activated off Instagram.

Sirio Berati, talented Albanian visual artist joins Vogue Italia

What is the routine that you follow to make photos / videos?

For some special projects I get inspired by foreign or Albanian artists, find a certain theme, I do a lot of research, create an idea, generate alternatives, and then offer it somewhere. Then there are those days where I just shot pictures without a specific purpose and then see what I can do beyond just a random photograph.

Sirio Berati, talented Albanian visual artist joins Vogue Italia

Where does you find the inspiration? Have you had idle times that you might have thought and leave the picture?

I find inspiration from people like me, from movies, colors, music. Surprisingly I never thought about leaving the picture, moreover because I would feel empty if I did.

Sirio Berati, talented Albanian visual artist joins Vogue Italia

Why did you choose to study Justice and not your passion?

As I am identified with the art, photography is not a form of profession to create a basis in life. I want to have a profession and be formed in other areas besides this. Moreover, with Justice, I continue the family tradition.

Is it a costly path, whether for materials, programs etc? Or can anyone with minimal incomes be involved?

It is very costly and has huge expenses. Who says it is not, maybe does not do it right. I have had the good fortune of being supported economically by the family for any requirement that this field has to go forward. The materials are expensive: different lenses and handsets. Not just physical devices are espensive, but also applications, programs, marketing, promotions. You can be born talent, but if you do not promote yourself properly, then you are just a bubble.

What are your biggest achievements in this area?

My achievement is the fact that I have explored and proven different aspects of art such as sculpture, digital creations, drawings, paintings, collages, fixtures and typography. Two of the greatest achievements are the presentation of my first art exhibition in England - "Approaching Chaos" (with alternative media) and the first prize winning nationally in an art competition in England. This is the artwork that won the prize - "Conflicting journey to reality"

How was to be contacted by Vogue Italia and become part of them?

Who does not want their work to be approved and published under Vogue's name? I feel appreciated and it is a special pleasure.

What is your advice for younger artists, more specifically those of photography?

Be special in what they do by experimenting, find a subject that easily identifies and go out there without being influenced by people's opinions. And above all, create.

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