siliconindia - Stepping into the 23rd Year of its Relentless Journey towards Creating a Better World


From the time transistors opened the doors to digital future in 1947, to Intel unveiling its first 4004 processor in 1971 with 2,300 transistors, to the recent launch of The Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine, the largest processor ever built with 1.2 trillion transistors; the world of technology has witnessed marvels. It was at Silicon Valley, the very transistor was invented and manufactured, post which many inventions tasted sheer success from either silicon chips or the hardware into which the chips were fabricated.

Besides, Silicon Valley has also grown into one of the greatest hub of entrepreneurs today, which was earlier a community of men and women, basically engineers. With no intention for earning money, these engineers were extremely inclined to forge their ideas derived out of science fiction into a reality. In fact, their primordial goal was to accomplish things that would have never been possible by mankind, through the might of technology and by leveraging both Government grants and venture capitals. In comparison with the present scenario, it is indeed a tremendous transformation that Silicon Valley has beheld so far!

Today, Silicon Valley is a rich and diverse ecosystem welcoming ideas from people across the globe, whereas forming a team, raising funds and establishing a company can be possible, while sipping your coffee. Undoubtedly, it has engraved a deep-rooted culture of entrepreneurship all around the world, making it an intricate hub that is brimming with startups as well as successful entrepreneurs.

It is this very spirit for creating and fostering a tech & startup-based culture that triggered siliconindia to establish itself as a unique platform for global entrepreneurs, senior executives, VCs, CEOs, technologists, industry leaders and many more to share their experiences and expertise. Kick-starting its operations at Fremont way back in 1997, siliconindia stood-out as a bridge presenting the best of the diverse ecosystems of India and US across its platform, besides being a catalyst for the growth of entrepreneurial culture. Today, this quintessential forum is seamlessly absorbing and implementing the nuances of modern technology revolution right across its huge stack of magazines as well as its informative website.

siliconindia also takes great inspiration from our beloved PM Narendra Modi, who intrinsically is a firm believer in the potent of technology and an avid user. Believing technology is the amalgamation of elements like ease, effectiveness, speed, simplicity and many others, he has preached the advantages of technology in great detail to the populace in India. He also trusts that technology is the best way to empower the less empowered, while making the Government more transparent.

We know Modi well for his Digital India initiative to leverage technology at its best, PRAGATI – a multi-purpose platform to address people’s problems, MyGov – an internet based portal, and many other initiatives, which still make us awestruck. Besides, his motivational and informative speeches add to his unrelenting zeal towards ceaselessly connecting India through technology. With a similar zeal yet a much stronger one, siliconindia currently silhouettes as a core technology-based platform that, in many ways, is contributing devotedly to the digital future of India. It is eminent for the circulation of around 90,000 hard copies of magazines encompassing variegated industry verticals, across PAN India. With four lakh readers along with 47,000 downloads of e-Magazines, the platform also takes pride in its captivating & informative website, which holds almost 1.5 lakh visitors and 3.5 lakh page views per month. The magazine now provides diversified information in the fields of technology, services, finance, HR, marketing, real estate, education, healthcare, lifestyle, and more. In a nutshell, siliconindia has emerged and evolved into a torchbearer for many professionals who are capable of not just questioning the convention, but developing businesses with products, services & solutions that can leave the mankind amazed!

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