Shiprocket Adopts Snowflake AI to Empower 1.5 Lakh Merchants

Shiprocket Adopts Snowflake AI to Empower 1.5 Lakh Merchants
Snowflake, a data cloud company, said e-commerce enablement platform Shiprocket has successfully implemented its AI Data Cloud, looking to empower 1.5 lakh Indian merchants by fast-tracking access to data and hence faster business decisions, thereby giving them an edge in the respective businesses.
This collaboration will systematize real-time insights and improve customer experience for its extensive merchant network at Shiprocket. "This strategic collaboration will empower our sellers to seamlessly scale their data infrastructure as their businesses grow," said Saahil Goel, MD & CEO of Shiprocket.
Goel underlined enhanced data processing and real-time insights that Snowflake will enable sellers to optimize operations with greater efficacy. Following the deployment of Snowflake's AI Data Cloud, shiprocket has almost eliminated most of the weeks and even days taken for data processing down to mere minutes. One can do all this because of this agility, how Shiprocket improves decision-making and delivers seamless e-commerce experiences for its sellers.
"As Shiprocket continues to grow in its operations, Snowflake's AI Data Cloud provides a scalable, cost-efficient, and highly secure platform to meet their diversified data needs to drive business value", said Vijayant Rai, MD India, Snowflake.
In the nearest future, Shiprocket envisions exploring advanced applications within AI Data Cloud a new class of AI, generative AI, and large language models. This move is layered in using cutting-edge technology to further operational efficiency and merchant support.
The integration thus becomes one of the biggest steps taken by Shiprocket toward data-driven e-commerce enablement for thousands of Indian merchants across the country.