Servotech Power Systems Secures Contract to Establish 20 EV Charging Stations in Nashik

Servotech Power Systems Secures Contract to Establish 20 EV Charging Stations in Nashik
Servotech Power Systems Ltd., a key player in the EV charging and solar industry, has clinched a significant contract from the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) to set up 20 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across the Nashik Municipal Corporation area. This move aims to address the escalating demand for accessible charging infrastructure amid the state's transition to sustainable transportation solutions.
The contract entails Servotech overseeing the entire process, from supply and installation to commissioning, construction, and maintenance of the EV charging stations. By facilitating convenient recharging options for EV owners, these stations will cater to the rising need for EV mobility while enhancing Nashik's EV charging network.
This initiative underscores Servotech's position as a frontrunner in India's burgeoning EV infrastructure market and aligns with the government's vision to establish a robust EV ecosystem nationwide. Additionally, it reflects Servotech's commitment to sustainability by aiding Nashik's shift towards cleaner transportation and reducing carbon emissions in one of India's key cities.
Sarika Bhatia, Director of Servotech Power Systems Ltd., expressed enthusiasm about the contract, labeling it a significant milestone for the company. Bhatia emphasized Servotech's dedication to propelling India's electric vehicle revolution and fostering sustainable transportation solutions. Already a leader in the EV charger market, Servotech aims to expand its footprint in the EV charging infrastructure segment through this collaboration with the Nashik Municipal Corporation.
Bhatia highlighted Servotech's capabilities to deliver cutting-edge and reliable EV charging solutions, positioning the company as a reliable partner for cities nationwide. The objective is to bolster the accessibility of EV charging infrastructure, supporting widespread EV adoption and paving the way for a cleaner, greener future. 
Servotech envisions contributing to Nashik's transition to cleaner transportation and delivering high-quality charging solutions tailored to the city's evolving needs. As a premier EV charger manufacturer, Servotech is committed to realizing India's vision of widespread EV usage, thereby fostering a seamless shift towards a greener, more sustainable transportation landscape.
The establishment of these EV charging stations not only signifies progress in Nashik's infrastructure but also serves as a testament to India's commitment to embracing electric mobility. Servotech's partnership with the Nashik Municipal Corporation is a step towards realizing this vision, driving the nation closer to a future where EVs are not just a vision but a reality.
With shared vision and unwavering dedication, Servotech aims to play a pivotal role in transforming India's transportation landscape towards sustainability, one EV charging station at a time.