Russian Nuclear Agency Chief: India to Receive Next-Generation Nuclear Fuel, Calls Nation Key Partner

Russian Nuclear Agency Chief: India to Receive Next-Generation Nuclear Fuel, Calls Nation Key Partne
Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom's CEO, Alexey Likhachev, hailed India as a crucial partner, affirming that the country is set to receive next-generation nuclear fuel this summer.
Likhachev hosted Ajit Kumar Mohanty, chairman of India's Atomic Energy Commission, in Siberia's Tomsk region. Mohanty was given a tour of the fourth-generation site slated to house the safest atomic reactor in history, as reported by RT-India.
Emphasizing the strong cooperation between the two nations, Likhachev praised India as a key partner in the nuclear sector.
Mohanty and Likhachev convened in Seversk, Tomsk region, for meetings. They also visited the Pilot Demonstration Energy Complex (PDEC) site, a part of Russia's 'Proryv' ("the Breakthrough") strategic industry project, according to a statement by Rosatom.
The visit included comprehensive discussions on potential areas of collaboration in the nuclear domain between Russia and India.
"We are prepared for a substantial expansion of cooperation with India in utilizing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. This encompasses serial construction of high-capacity nuclear power units based on Russian designs at a new Indian site, as well as the implementation of land-based and floating low-power generation projects. Cooperation in the nuclear fuel cycle sector and non-power applications of nuclear technologies are also on the agenda," Likhachev stated, as reported by RT.
Accompanied by Indian Ambassador to Russia, Vinay Kumar, Mohanty's visit also included engagements at Tomsk State University and a meeting with regional governor Vladimir Mazur, as per RT-India. Discussions with Mazur revolved around potential collaborative ventures in pharmaceuticals, high technology, education, and research.
At Tomsk State University, Ambassador Kumar delivered an open lecture on "India-Russia relations in the current global scenario" and interacted with Indian students from various universities in Tomsk.
The visit underscores the deepening ties and multifaceted cooperation between India and Russia, particularly in the vital sector of nuclear energy. As both nations continue to strengthen their strategic partnership, collaborative efforts are poised to yield significant advancements in nuclear technology and peaceful applications of atomic energy.