Rae Bareli Coach Factory Sets New Manufacturing Record

Rae Bareli Coach Factory Sets New Manufacturing Record
In a remarkable achievement, the Modern Coach Factory (MCF) located in Rae Bareli has set a new manufacturing record by producing 1,684 coaches during the fiscal year 2023-24. This surpasses its previous milestone and underscores the factory's commitment to excellence in rail coach production.
Of the total coaches manufactured, 953 were AC coaches while 731 were non-AC coaches. Notably, this includes a diverse range of coach types such as eight MEMU coaches, 240 AC-3 coaches, 202 AC-2 coaches, 271 3-tier AC economic coaches, 332 Deendayalu coaches, 58 Tejas coaches, 341 sleeper coaches, parcel vans, AC chair cars, and Bharat Gaurav coaches.
A significant highlight of this year's production is the introduction of a three-phase MEMU for the North Eastern Railway, a first for MCF. This state-of-the-art train features advanced technologies including a Train Control Management System (TCMS), GPS, and energy-efficient LEDs in its six TC and two DMC coaches.
Designed for a maximum speed of 110 kmph, the MEMU train offers comfortable seating for 84 passengers and standing arrangements for 241 passengers in TC coaches, along with seating for 55 and standing for 171 in DMC coaches.
Moreover, MCF's global footprint expanded with the production of 11 coaches for Mozambique Railways during the same financial year. Prashant Kumar Mishra, the General Manager of MCF, credited this exceptional accomplishment to the collective leadership of department heads and the unwavering dedication of the entire team. He noted that this year's production marked a significant 15% increase over the previous year, reflecting MCF's continuous growth trajectory and commitment to excellence in the rail coach manufacturing sector.