PM Modi launches 'Sankalp Saptaah' for aspirational blocks in the country

PM Modi launches 'Sankalp Saptaah' for aspirational blocks in the country
Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a week-long program called 'Sankalp Saptaah' for the country's aspirational blocks at Bharat Mandapam here and urged the state governments and the officials to also note that those who are successful within the block, their future should also be bright as they have the passion to do something. Addressing the Sankalp Saptah, he said: “For Aspirational Blocks, I would urge the state governments and the officials of the government to also note that those who are successful within the block. They are the people who bring results. Those teams should be taken forward.”
The Prime Minister said that we want to see the country as a developed nation by 2047.“But the developed country does not mean that grandeur should be seen in Delhi, Mumbai, or Chennai, and our villages should be left behind. We do not follow that model. We want to take charge of the destiny of 140 crore people and bring about a change in their lives," Modi said. He also highlighted the government has worked with a very simple strategy for the Aspirational District Programme.
“If we do not do all-round development and all-beneficial development, then the figures may give satisfaction, but fundamental change is not possible. Therefore, it is necessary that we move forward by making changes at the grassroots," he said. He said that this 'Sankalp Saptaah' is a symbol of the success of Team India. “This symbolizes the spirit of everyone's effort. This program is also important for the future of India. In this, there is a reflection of accomplishment through resolution," the Prime Minister said.
"I am confident that just as the Aspirational Districts Program has shown success, similarly the Aspirational Block Program is also going to be 100 percent successful," The Prime Minister also said that the Bharat Mandapam, where world leaders had gathered to discuss global issues, is now hosting individuals who bring about changes at the grassroots level. “For me, this summit is as significant as the G20 summit," he emphasized.
He also said that the Aspirational Districts Program had changed the lives of more than 25 crore people in 112 districts of the country and there has been a change in the quality of life. “In contrast to previous administrations that followed a uniform housing model, our government has prioritized the use of locally sourced materials and implemented an owner-driven approach in construction. Block Panchayats play a huge role in the Aspirational Block Programme. New India wants reforms in the governance,” he said.
The Prime Minister also interacted with the people, including panchayat and block-level people's representatives at the venue. the week-long program is closely aligned with the nationwide Aspirational Blocks Programme (ABP), which was launched by Modi in January this year.'Sankalp Saptah' programme, which is being implemented in 500 aspirational blocks across 329 districts in the country, aims to improve governance at the block level in order to enhance the quality of life of citizens.