Ping Pong builds a presence in Indonesia to expand its market reach and provide consumers in Southeast Asia

Ping Pong builds a presence in Indonesia to expand its market reach and provide consumers in Southeast Asia
PingPong, a global payment solutions provider, has debuted in Indonesia and plans to strengthen its hold in the South-East Asian markets. A pioneer in providing end-to-end payment solutions for global cross-border businesses, PingPong offers global e-commerce sellers the ability to manage multiple currencies on a single, secure platform across the US, Europe and Asia.
Since it was established in 2015, the company has been growing rapidly and, as of today, more than one million merchants utilize its technologies for cross-border, value-added tax and supplier payments.
PingPong is strengthening its coverage in South-East Asia at a time when buying and selling habits in the region have changed profoundly following the unprecedented challenges of the global pandemic. South-East Asia’s digital economy is expected to grow by 20%, approaching $200 billion GMV. PingPong is well-positioned to capture the growth of cross-border e-commerce in South-East Asia with its extensive experience in working with both upstream and downstream participants in the e-commerce payment ecosystem and providing high-quality cross-border financial services for enterprises of all sizes in the region.
Launching the brand in the Indonesian markets, MrMukeshSahu, Country Manager, India & Korea Ping Pong, said, “We understand the anxiety of our customers when they venture into new markets, especially a region as diverse as South-East Asia, which consists of 11 countries, seven major languages and multiple local currencies. But it is also one of the most exciting markets for e-commerce right now because a majority of the population is young and digital-savvy. Our team provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that allow global payments at a lower cost and higher speed and, most importantly, helps our customers navigate cross-border compliance and regulatory complexities, which are some of the key concerns they have when establishing their e-commerce businesses beyond borders.”
Talking further, Indonesia country head, Eddy Sarputra said “our presence will boost small - medium enterprises to support international cross border payment in multicurrency, but also give priority to enhance domestics income through export, this is also inline with Indonesia government to support Small medium enterprises or business”
Source: Press Release