NFTICALLY launches Kamoto.AI a groundbreaking SaaS platform to create, train & monetize AI Characters

NFTICALLY launches Kamoto.AI a groundbreaking SaaS platform to create, train & monetize AI Character
NFTICALLY, the pioneering Web3 E-Commerce SaaS platform, (Kamoto Labs Inc) announced the launch of Kamoto.AI, a one-of-its-kind platform to transform the way individuals interact with artificial intelligence, celebrities, influencers, and brands. Kamoto.AI ushers in an unparalleled opportunity for users to craft and train their very own virtual Gen AI personas, marking a new era in personalized digital interaction. Picture a fitness app guided by your beloved athlete's AI Clone or a language-learning app featuring your cherished author's AI Clone the potential applications are limitless.
Toshendra Sharma, Founder & CEO of NFTICALLY (Kamoto Labs Inc), said, “Kamoto.AI represents a profound shift in the way we engage with technology, celebrities, and influencers. We're stepping into an era where individuals can craft their own AI personas, and celebrities can connect with fans in entirely new ways. With Kamoto.AI, we're not just innovating; we're building a digital universe where personalization, creativity, and revenue opportunities converge.” Kamoto.AI employs diverse data sources to train its AI models, drawing from both publicly available data and orchestrating responses from various LLMs including its proprietary model known as "KALAM" (Kamoto AI-Language Model), which pays homage to the esteemed Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, the former President of India.
Kamoto.AI maintains a commitment to continuous improvement, regularly enhancing its models and orchestration techniques. Users can gain access to these updates as soon as they are released. Beyond mere customization, Kamoto.AI extends its services to cater to celebrities and influencers. Through the platform, these prominent figures have the opportunity to license their AI clones. This innovative platform is not just limited to the entertainment industry, but will also revolutionize engagement and monetization approaches for individuals and brands in gaming, ed-tech, healthcare, business & startup segments as well.
These AI replicas undergo meticulous training, utilizing structured data provided directly by the celebrities themselves through Kamoto.AI’s dashboard enabling character training via Chat, Links, and Private Files as close-loop data, to make AI Clones more accurate & personalized. This approach ensures an authentic and truly representative AI version of their persona. As a result, fans and followers can now engage in a more intimate and exciting mode of interaction than ever before. One can create their own unique virtual AI Characters or Personalities with ease, without requiring any technical expertise, and publish them to Kamoto.AI’s AI Marketplace for easy distribution. The Voice Cloning, 3D Avatars, and hyper-realistic Avatars features make the AI Characters highly engaging & interesting to talk to. The Kamoto.AI avatars can also be integrated into video games to make the games more interesting. AI characters can be empowered to pick distinctive mannerisms molding them into dependable digital replicas.
Users also get the opportunity to monetize their AI persons, generating income from each interaction and establishing a fresh channel for passive earnings in the AI Marketplace. The platform also offers these AI personalities as an API for seamless integration into various applications, including telegram & discord bots, mobile apps, and more. This unlocks endless possibilities for developers and companies like gaming companies looking to provide users with an authentic experience of interacting with their favorite celebrities and influencers within their games. Users can access a wide audience with just one click, as the platform will take care of all aspects, including premium AI Characters and personalities discovery, global reach, revenue distribution, and invoicing. This comprehensive marketplace approach sets Kamoto.AI apart as a user-friendly and all-inclusive solution.
Source: Press Release