New QR Code-Compliant Tourism Monogram Likely in 100 days

New QR Code-Compliant Tourism Monogram Likely in 100 days

With complaints of hotels, travel agencies and shops near tourist hotspot misusing and even illegally using the Tourism Ministry monogram, the government has decided to include a QR code with the monogram.

According to sources, the ministry has started scrutinising establishments misusing the monogram. Within 100 days, the ministry will come up with a new QR code-compliant monogram to help tourist scan and verify the authenticity of the entity.

According to officials, the QR code will give detailed information about the entity awarded the monogram after meeting the Ministry criteria.

The move follows the spate of complaints regarding the misuse of monogram and false claims about government approval to dupe mostly foreign tourists.

"Many complaints have reached me where the tourists claimed they were duped by a government-approved entity. When investigated these entities were found to be using illegally the monogram," said Minister of State for Tourism Prahlad Singh Patel.

"The idea is to ensure that tourists are not cheated. Once approved, only verified entities would be able to use the monogram. Also, the QR code can't be duplicated," a Tourism Ministry Official told IANS.

Upon scanning the QR code, the tourist would get all information about the entity -- its name, address and phone number. "Tourists mostly opt for hotel or travel services with the Ministry monogram," he said.

The Ministry also observed that many entities after procuring the monogram fail to maintain the quality of service, affecting the image. To curb this, the ministry has decided to identify the entities failing to maintain the standards.

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Source: IANS