Naxnova Expands Global Footprint with Acquisition of Advanced Thermal Technologies

Naxnova Expands Global Footprint with Acquisition of Advanced Thermal Technologies
Naxnova, a prominent figure in surface augmentation and technology solutions, formerly recognized as Classic Stripes, has announced yet another significant milestone in its expansion journey. Today, the company proudly declared the successful acquisition of Advanced Thermal Technologies (ATT), a pioneering force in thermal management solutions headquartered in Austria. This strategic move follows closely on the heels of Naxnova's recent acquisition of Quad Industries based in Belgium. These consecutive acquisitions underscore Naxnova's unwavering dedication to delivering cutting-edge innovations to its global clientele.
ATT has earned widespread acclaim for its expertise in designing, developing, and manufacturing an array of advanced solutions spanning Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Sensor and Camera Heating Solutions, Vehicle Cabin Solutions, Battery Heating Solutions, Battery Diagnostic Solutions, Seat Sensing & Heating Solutions, and more. Catering to a diverse spectrum of industries including automotive, aerospace, retail, and building sectors, ATT boasts world-class R&D capabilities and an illustrious track record of servicing esteemed clientele such as Porsche, Airbus, Daimler, and Valeo.
Mr. Salil Musale, Managing Director of Naxnova, expressed his enthusiasm regarding this strategic acquisition, emphasizing its pivotal role in bolstering Naxnova's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. He highlighted the potential synergy between Naxnova and ATT, envisioning accelerated product development, expanded market reach, and increased opportunities for collaboration and partnership. Musale underscored the critical role of thermal management solutions in ensuring safety monitoring and enhancing human comfort, positioning ATT as a leading player in the realm of thermal science.
Furthermore, Musale elucidated on Naxnova's vision to leverage ATT's technological prowess to penetrate the Indian market effectively, aligning with the government's 'Design and Make in India for the World' initiative. By integrating ATT's cutting-edge technologies into its portfolio, Naxnova aims to deliver enhanced value propositions to customers across diverse sectors, propelling forward its mission of global innovation and leadership.
In response to the acquisition, the founders of Advanced Thermal Technologies expressed their optimism and eagerness to embark on this new chapter of growth alongside Naxnova. They lauded Naxnova's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, emphasizing the alignment of values between the two entities. The founders expressed confidence in the synergistic partnership, foreseeing accelerated product development and increased value proposition for customers across various industries.
This strategic acquisition marks a pivotal moment in Naxnova's evolution, signaling a new chapter of growth and innovation for the company. The amalgamation of Quad Industries and ATT into the Naxnova family creates a robust value chain, poised to deliver groundbreaking solutions and innovations to customers worldwide. Leveraging the synergies between these three entities, Naxnova is primed to spearhead advancements in thermal management solutions, further solidifying its position as a global leader in surface augmentation and technology solutions.