National Technology Day 2022 - Insights from the Tech leaders of India

There is no doubt that technology is advancing at an incredible rate. It has had a positive impact on our lives and has influenced how we live now. Humanity has continued to evolve as a result of technological advancements & with this technology will not stop at a single point. We continue to hear about new discoveries and inventions from industry leaders, scientists, and young entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

Today, in the twenty-first century, technology significantly contributes to information access and acquisition, and thus development. This is the reason for the existence of a massive scientific and cognitive revolution, which entails making human life easier by increasing inventions in a variety of practical fields.

Today is National Technology Day 2022, and the theme is "Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future." This day marks the significance of technology in driving human progress and national growth.

As National Technology Day celebrates our country's industry leaders contributions, they have shared their perspectives on how technology has become a key to survival in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Right from getting essentials delivered to tele-consultations as well as to schedule vaccination appointments, the role played by technology is now more pertinent than it ever was.

 Let us now take a look at what various IT leaders have to say on National Technology Day 2022.

sudha KV, Vice President, Dell Technologies, India

“In todays’ digital age, technology is driving human progress and the driving force behind technological growth comes with introducing disruptive ideas. Dell Technologies continues to be one of the global leaders in producing server tech, and India has a key role to play in this. Our Bengaluru R&D centre has been instrumental in bringing about cutting-edge technology in the server portfolio. Right from conceptualization of the servers, to product upgrade and then retiring the offerings, and thinking about the next product and technology trends, the Bengaluru R&D centre is the locus of innovation. Having filed over 100 patents in the last 3-4 years, the team at the Bengaluru centre has been dedicatedly helping Dell Technologies meet their goals of driving growth through technology.

To integrate software and hardware with specific capabilities, the R&D centre runs about 7 petabytes of networking traffic, 1600 virtual machines and 1400 test configurations to mimic all possible customer scenarios before making solutions available to global markets. With highly skilled engineers, distinguished technical staff and a dedicated team of designers and developers, the team is able to churn out adaptive and autonomous modern infrastructure solutions aligned with modern workloads which meet the customer interests in the areas of cloud computing, AI, analytics and edge computing. Our aim is to increase efficiency and boost performance of end-user computing with new developments and improvements to their PowerEdge portfolio, which allow customers to bring the computing power closer to their data, and our R&D centre is at the cornerstone of these innovations.” says Sudha KV, Vice President, Dell Technolgies, India