Namma Bengaluru's Must Visit Legendary Traditional Food Joints

Namma Bengaluru's Must Visit Legendary Traditional Food Joints

In Bengaluru, authentic foods are spread beyond the region of origin. Authentic dishes have been consumed for many generations. Traditional foods and dishes have a historical precedent in national, regional, or local cuisine. Traditional foods and beverages may be homemade by restaurants and small manufacturers.

Love exploring authentic cuisines in Bengaluru?

Bangalore's food cuisine is something you need to experience, and it has its line of great street stalls for food lovers. Today, authentic food is cherished by everyone in every city's food culture. Let's begin on a flavoursome tour through the 'Silicon Valley of India' without further ado.

Veena Stores

Veena Stores in Malleshwaram, Bangalore, began as a condiment store in 1977 and transformed into a legendary eatery, serving consistently with good South-Indian fare, especially idlis which melt as soon as they touch the tongue. Veena Stores is also famous for Khara Bhath and Bisi Bele Bhath, and they serve their food with delicious mint coconut chutney.

It's better to get there early as the line of patrons increases with time, mainly on weekends. Nudging to get your order is anticipated, but the wait is worth it. Eating at Veena Stores is an experience of relishing excellent food standing on the pavement with your best buddies. Earlier, it was only a 150-sq ft place, but now it has expanded to 600-sq ft and got a fresh look and a little bigger dining space, much to the delight of a loyal clientele.

O.G. variar bakery


O G Variar & Sons, Variar Bakery was commenced in 1955 in Guttahalli by O.Govinda Variar. Fifteen years later, the bakery was moved to a new place at Rajajinagar in 1970. Thirty years later, the bakery opened its second branch at West of Chord Road, Rajajinagar.

Bakery is commonly known as Variar Bakery and is popular for mouth-watering, delicious puffs and biscuits. People from all over the city visit here and buy bakery products like bread, biscuits, puff, and cakes regularly reason behind that is quality and taste. The Bakery produces products that are highly healthy even for daily consumption. Such is the popularity of the products that sometimes Bakery sees more than 3000 customers a day. The Bakery opens at 9 am and shuts late in the evening. The Bakery in a day produces over two tons of biscuits and rusks.

Vidyarthi Bhavan

It was started as a small canteen at Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi to cater the students of National High School, and Acharya Patashala. Venkataramana Ural, from Saligrama near Udupi, set this up in early 1943-44. Passed on to the hands of his brother Parameshwara Ural, the restaurant bloomed to its demand. In 1970, Vidyarthi Bhavan was taken by Ramakrishna Adiga. What evolved was just the management, but the name, tradition, recipes persisted the same so was the services of many of the employees. The great demand and intense popularity shall be the prudent evidence for its unchanging taste, flavor & delicacy.

Arun Kumar Adiga continues this legacy with support from its staff, which is an integral part of the Vidyarthi Bhavan family. Vidyarthi Bhavan serves a few South Indian snacks from a limited menu, prepared during specific periods of the day. Apart from these, the famous crispy golden brown Butter Masala Dosa is available all the time. These fulfill customers' cravings for 'homemade food, who vouch for traditional ambiance and flavor, with the same authentic taste and flavor that have been serving for over seventy years.

Karnataka Bhel House


The Karnataka Bhel House began as a small food joint on Chamrajpet’s Bazaar Street in 1975 and is well-known for its delicious and authentic chaat. The trademark dish is the masala puri, which is crisp and cooked with an in-house mixture of spices. Masala puri chaat is a lip-smacking snack formerly from the Bangalore-Mysore regions. The menu includes other dishes: Sev puri, Dahi aloo puri, Bhelpuri, and Panipuri.

Seating is insufficient, so it’s common for hungry guests to feast on their chaat while standing on the footpath. They offer fast service, and everything is reasonably-priced. The shop also serves different ice cream flavors in softy cones, which are very popular with kids.

Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan


Rama Holla from Udupi set up a Udupi Hotel at Balepet Circle, Bengaluru, in 1902, and it was one of the best and most well-known hotels of its kind. Subsequently, his nephew, H V Janardhanaiah joined him in running the hotel. In 1919-1920, H V Janardhanaiah bought a place on the Balepet Main Road and finally, in 1926, established a restaurant named “Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan,” also popularly known as USKB.

USKB became highly renowned for its Masala Dosa and Sagu Dosa, which endures a specialty even today. However, there is also a great need for its Idly Sambar, Gulab Jamun, Damrot Halwa, and Badam Halwa. H V Janardhanaiah successfully & profitably ran USKB till 1932, and K Yajnanarayana Somayaji took over the administration and ran the establishment with great praise until 1956. After his death, H V Janardhaniah's children, H J Anandaram and H J Srinivasa ran the establishment.

Following a family separation, H J Srinivasa and his son, H S Subramanya, became solely accountable for the functioning of USKB. USKB thrived under their joint supervision until 2006 when H J Srinivasa passed away. Now, H. S. Subramanya continues to successfully run and develop the Restaurant with flair and passion to date.