Mumbai Among Cities With High Homeless Populations

BANGALORE: ‘Home sweet home’ and “There is no place like home” are some of common sayings we general throw around to show love for our dwelling places called “Home”. But, unfortunately there are many people in this world who do not have any place to call their own.

Recently, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights has estimated that there are 100 million homeless people all over the world. Out of the 25 cities with very high homeless populations, here are the top 7 cities in the world, as compiled by list 25.

Manila, Philippines:

The capital city and the second largest city of the Philippines, Manila is located between Manila Bay and Laguna Bay and has been a major port for centuries.

It is the city with the highest homeless population and house around 1.2 million homeless children living on the streets of the Philippines. Such children are either loitering or begging on the streets.

As per the Homeless International, around 22.8 million reside in slums, out of which 70,000 comes from Metro Manila alone.

The high rate of homeless masses in Manila is also attributed to its highest population density where its sixth district is the densest in the world.

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