MSRvantage leverages cutting-edge Asset Digitization solutions to address diverse industry challenges

MSRvantage leverages cutting-edge Asset Digitization solutions to address diverse industry challenges
Asset digitization launched by MSRvantage has virtually entered mainstream finance along with other industries and is an incredible advancement in technology which provides enhanced security to businesses and aids in tamper-proof transactions. 
Through this technology MSRvantage creates digital copies of assets. A digital asset is the digitized right of ownership of an asset. During asset digitization, the rights of ownership associated with the asset will be exchanged on a digital platform.
MSRvantage Asset Digitization makes it easier to manage and exchange digital assets amongst different parties in a shared business network. Adoption of tokens and digital currencies are getting mainstream in today’s world. “The speedy growth in demand for digital assets will evolve in the future. With our technology, we are digitising real-world assets in the capital markets.” Said Mr. Balaji Kandregula, Vice President - MSRvantage
“This revolutionary technology gives simple ways to handle the traceability of products that cannot be altered. The process of making a digital replica of an asset is known as asset digitization. A digital asset is an asset's digitised right of ownership.” He added. 
The rights of ownership linked with the asset will be swapped to a digital platform during asset digitization. MSRvantage’s Asset Digitization facilitates the management and exchange of digital assets among many parties in a shared corporate network. “Tokens and digital currencies are becoming more popular in today's environment.” Mr. Kandregula stated. This new software solution not only enhances the ability to identify potential contamination sources, but also aids in quality maintenance. It also allows you to trace the source, preventing and regulating counterfeiting in a range of industries.
Assets that are more difficult to transfer, such as gold, real estate, fine art, or carbon credits, frequently need purchasers and sellers to deal with heaps of documentation and drawn-out processes. The value of actual goods can be unlocked and exchanged in real time by portraying them as digital tokens on a distributed digital ledger.
MSRVantage has spent $15 million in the previous three years. Having expanded into several industries, the company plans to invest $5-7 million per year to expand its footprint in the IT sector, where it intends to provide cloud, data, artificial intelligence, enterprise applications, and automation.
Source: Press Release