Most Lucrative Industries in Kolkata

Most Lucrative Industries in Kolkata

Well-known for its friendly people and rich cultural heritage, the Cultural Capital of India, Kolkata, is also home to several industrial units run by large public sector and private sector corporations. Major industrial sectors of Kolkata include pharmaceuticals, steel, engineering, mining, agriculture, textiles, jute and electronics. But what are the most profitable industries in the city? Let's find out.

Food and Beverage Industry

“Your diet is your bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” – The mantra bongs live by. Hence, what other industry could be more lucrative in the City of Joy than the Food and Beverage Industry? Kolkata is also known as a foodie’s paradise and for good reasons. This highly populous metropolitan city is home to lovers of food, whether it be mouth-watering street food, small food joints, or luxurious restaurants, the Bongs take their food, especially non-veg delicacies pretty seriously. So, if you have a passion for food and nutrition, apply for food and beverage industry jobs in Kolkata such as a nutritionist, catering manager, service supervisor, etc. with Randstad, India's leading recruitment agency.

Textile Industry

Well, bongs’ love for dressing well is at par with their love for fine dining! But this is not something restricted to Kolkata’s localites. The city is well-known for its exquisite fabric weaving. Out of all apparels, sarees win the trophy – Taant cotton sarees, Baluchari sarees, Murshidabad silk, Garad silk sarees, Jamdani sarees, you name them and Kolkata has them all! Due to the easy availability of weaving clusters and heavy demand, the textile industry ranks high in the list of the most profitable industries in Kolkata. Apply for textile industry jobs in Kolkata such as merchandizer, production manager, Human Resources, etc. with Randstad, India’s most trusted recruitment agency.

Custom Artificial Jewellery

If you have been acquainted with a Bengali or even lived in close proximity of them, you know full well that they simply love to match their lovely attires with relevant jewellery. But, with the rising prices of gold and diamond making procurement difficult, the custom artificial jewellery industry has the priceless opportunity to intervene. Not only are these pieces inexpensive but can be customised to go with almost any outfit. Plus, let’s not forget the glory they render to the beauty of a woman! Hence, the customised jewellery industry is quite a lucrative choice. You can either set up your own jewellery business and if not, apply for jobs in Kolkata.

Event Management

Grand wedding celebrations among Kolkatians are not uncommon. Above that, bongs richly cherish their culture and are super enthusiastic about the 10-daylong resplendent festival of Durga Puja – n event that accounts for crores spent in event planning. Hence, the event management industry’s success in Kolkata is irrefutable. With Randstad, you can apply for exciting event management jobs in Kolkata.