Spaceflight Gears Up for Next Three Rideshare Mission

Spaceflight Gears Up for Next Three Rideshare Mission

The Satellite rideshare and mission management provider, Spaceflight, has confirmed that it would launch 14 more spacecraft this year, from India's PSLV. Payloads are expected to launch on PSLV's C47, C48, and C49 missions, which are scheduled to be launched in November and December 2019 from India's Satish Dhawan Space Center. The Customers aboard the missions include Analytical Space, Spire, iQPS and Kleos Space.

Analytical Space Inc.'s (ASI), the second technical demonstration spacecraft, dubbed Meshbed, is expecting its launch on PSLV C47 in November. ASI's mission is an on-orbit demonstration, planned to test technology that would permit the users on earth to have access to satellite data. Additionally, the spacecraft also features a patented antenna from MITRE that could provide faster access to space-based data and government missions that include intelligence surveillance, tactical communications, and reconnaissance.

The PSLV C48 is scheduled for early December launch. It would carry Japan's iQPS SAR microsatellite and four multi-payload Earth observation nanosatellites that adds to Spire Global's constellation of maritime, aviation, and weather monitoring satellites. While PSLV C49 is also scheduled for December launch, this would take Luxembourg-based Kleos' Scouting Mission satellites. Further, the foundational system in the company's radio frequency would monitor constellation, and additional spire nanosats to orbit.

Previously, the company had launched PLSV C45 earlier this year, which deployed 21 rideshare spacecraft. Spaceflight has already completed five missions this year, and another five are planned to be launched by 2019 itself. The company has also announced its purchase of the first commercial launch of the Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) from NewSpace India Limited (NSIL).

 “PSLV continues to be a reliable launch partner for us, enabling Spaceflight to launch a variety of customers. By the end of 2019, we will have executed 11 launches on PSLVs and sent more than 100 satellites to orbit on this vehicle. The consistency of the PSLV has played a critical role in assisting our customers, especially those launching constellations, achieve their mission and business goals,” states Curt Blake, CEO & President of Spaceflight.