Most Impressive Modified Cars In India - Jeep Compass To Toyota Fortuner

Car modification has become a trend in India with numerous models customized either to enhance their beauty or to suit the owners’ taste. Sometimes, the customized vehicles look stunning, but sometimes they look astonishingly aggressive. Below, we have compiled a list of the most stunning modified cars in India. Read on for more details.

Most Impressive Modified Cars In India - Jeep Compass to Toyota Fortuner
Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass, the entry-level SUV from Jeep for Indian auto market, has been well-known for its heroic action of bringing people from remote areas to voting booths to provide them with an opportunity to participate in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Moreover, the SUV is also a popular vehicle with Indian auto enthusiasts with great modification potentialities.

This “5 hottest modified Jeep Compass SUVs of India” presents to you 5 Jeep Compass SUVs which have been stunningly customized. These Jeep Compass SUVs have been modified to become a more powerful SUV, a lower model or get a new colour scheme. In other cases, it can also be thoroughly modified with a wide range of altered features. All of these mod jobs have helped the Jeep Compass SUVs become more outstanding on the road.

modified Jeep Compass red front angle
This Jeep Compass has been intensively customized with a wide array of new features

Maruti Alto 800

Despite being an ideal option for middle-class families in India for a long time, recently, the Maruti Alto 800 has considerably lost in its popularity due to its obsolete small 0.8-litre engine. To curb this problem, Kolkata-based SA Designs run by Sriniketh Acharya has made considerable alterations to the Alto 800, the most outstanding of which is done to the motors to help it run much faster. The modification expenses amount to INR 3.5 lakh, even higher than that of a new Alto 800.

Also read - Maruti Alto 800 Customized For INR 3.5 Lakh, Can Hit 200 Kmph As regards the design, the most outstanding modifications include projector headlights, LED fog lamps and black taillights which are all blackened. Moreover, two rear sporty black stripes and dual exhaust pipes which indicate performance improvements are also added to the vehicle. Inside the cabin, the hatchback is equipped with a Momo sporty steering wheel, a brand-new gear knob, an R-type tachometer and a Sony-sourced sound system. Having said that, the most prominent alteration to the hatchback has transpired to its engine.The modified Alto 800 is equipped with a wide range of new engine features which support a greater performance. Its claimed 0 - 100 kmpl acceleration time is 8.5 seconds and its top speed is 200 kmpl. With such an impressive performance for such a small car powered by a small motor, the chassis certainly also has to be updated.

Hindustan Motors Contessa

Despite the initial purpose of serving as a premium sedan, the luxury Hindustan Motors Contessa has been impressively modified to become an off-roader. It is the first off-road Motors Contessa in India, which helps prove the fact that the Contessa can be modified without interfering in its upmarket appearance.

modified Contessa and Vikramjeet Sharma
This is the first off-road HM Contessa in India.

The owner of this off-road monster is Vikramjeet Sharma. The modified Contessa is now powered by a much more powerful 3.0-litre gasoline burner and is equipped with a 4WD system. The suspension has been raised and upgraded. All of these have further enhanced the off-road capabilities of the vehicle.

Thanks to the new bright outside paint scheme, the car looks so attractive. The Contessa is now equipped with a wider black grille with vertical slats and black bumper in the front. Multi-spoke silver wheels with much wider tyres also contribute to the off-road abilities of the sedan. The customizer has also removed the rear doors, which turns the Contessa into a stylish two-door off-road sedan.

Hindustan Ambassador

Another representative from Hindustan Motors that should be listed in the list of the best modified cars in India is the Hindustan Ambassador. Despite being discontinued in 2014, being an iconic car, the HM Ambassador still has several units stored and even customized. This mod job done on the Ambassador by Sun Enterprises is among the most impressive in India.

Specifically, the modified Ambassador has got a new primer paint scheme. It now runs on splendid alloy wheels; the redesigned roof lends a premium feel to the car. In the rear, a subwoofer is positioned in the boot, indicating that the vehicle would be equipped with a luxurious audio system.

modified Hindustan Ambassador brown side profile angle
This HM Ambassador has been thoroughly modified.

As regards the interior, the most outstanding features include brand-new plush seats with diamond-stitched leather upholsteries and personal screens in the back of the seats. The vehicle also offers ambient lighting. All of these features add to the excellent entertainment, comfort and luxury of the modified Ambassador.

modified Hindustan Ambassador interior
The cabin of the modified Ambassador offers the utmost luxury, comfort and entertainment.

Toyota Fortuner

The last vehicle which needs to be included in this list is the Toyota Fortuner. It has been among the most popular premium SUVs in the Indian auto market, thanks to its wide range of good qualities: an intimidating appearance, a high-quality cabin, powerful and reliable engines along with excellent off-road capabilities.

Moreover, this SUV has also been well-known for its modification potentialities. Recently, a thoroughly modified first-gen Toyota Fortuner by Metalsmith from Punjab has become one of the most contemporary and boldest Fortuners ever.

Toyota Fortuner modified white front
The modified Toyota Fortuner gets quite a few new features in the front.

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In the front, it gets a brand-new grille, aftermarket headlights with yellow-orange LED DRLs and a large off-road bumper with LED light bar. Coming to the side profile, the modified Fortuner is equipped with a black snorkel, LED lights, updated side steps, black window visors and dual-tone alloy wheels with wide off-road tyres. In the rear, modifications include a restyled black bumper, a bolder spoiler and redesigned tail lamps. The original white paint scheme has been kept intact, but now, thanks to numerous black components, the car features a white-and-black colour theme.

Toyota Fortuner modified white side profile
On the side profile, the customized Fortuner is also equipped with some interesting features.

In this above article, we have provided you with a list of 5 best modified cars in India. Are you impressed with any of these cars? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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