Mindtree opens European headquarters in London

Mindtree opens European headquarters in London

Bangalore-based Mindtree, a global technology services company, here on Thursday announced opening of new European headquarters in London.

The new office is equipped with the first European Digital Pumpkin innovation hub, which aims to help clients discover and design their path to digital transformation success.

"Our new headquarters and Digital Pumpkin innovation hub will enable us help our European customers thrive in the digital age by accessing the latest design thinking principles and experimentation with cutting-edge technologies," Guita Blake, Senior Vice-President and Head, Global Sales and Europe, said.

The new office would provide the platform to further elevate our digital capabilities, while maintaining our unique culture to continue to help customers create new possibilities for competitive advantage, Blake added.

The hub is designed to re-imagine enterprise-wide solutions by leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive solutions, virtual and augmented reality (VAR), machine learning, conversational platforms, cloud and big data.

Since the launch of Mindtree's Bangalore-based Digital Pumpkin in 2013 and the US-based Digital Pumpkin in 2017, the hubs have been behind over 100 strategic digital transformation engagements.

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Source: IANS