Main Trends for Studying Abroad in 2019

The number of students who go abroad to study is growing every day. The number of foreign students who pursued education in the UK was 458,490 until 2017/18, when the number increased by 3.6%. Now, enrollees in the country take up to 54% of all international students in UK. Thanks to the variety of abroad study opportunities, there are plenty of options for long-term and short-time placements students can choose from. All that’s left at this point is to set your mind on it, find the best country to study in, and pack your bags.

When it comes to the biggest study abroad trends in terms of countries, the main destinations are the US, the UK, and Canada. But, the increase of interest in some European countries is quite evident today, too, which opens up plenty of opportunities for you to consider.

Courses That Will Remain Popular

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency , students have chosen the following study abroad majors most often:

  • Business and administration;
  • Physical sciences such as physics, chemistry, astronomy, and earth science;
  • Foreign language studies, as well as literature studies;
  • Computer sciences and programming
  • Medicine and biomedical sciences, physiotherapy and nursing;
  • Biological sciences;
  • Technology and engineering
  • Law;
  • Design and creative arts;
  • Social studies and social work.

Seeing how these studies have remained the top choice of many students worldwide, it is safe to say that they will remain somewhere on the top of the list for years to come. Students continuously seek rewarding and interesting subjects to study, and therefore pursue the courses that offer many work opportunities for them once they get back home.

Main Trends for Studying Abroad in 2019

Of course, the choice of a study will depend on the demand of force in the home country, as well as the preference of the individual. Even so, statistics say that these ten are the top choices for quite a while now, even though new choices do appear every year.

Rise of Specialized Courses

As the world progresses, the demand for talent is changing at a fast pace. We are currently witnessing an unexpected progress in AI, machine learning, and automation. This has taken over many of the old jobs and created entirely new job opportunities. And since the times are changing, so must the modern employee.

This change begins with education. Students tend to pick the fields that offer them rewarding futures and bright careers, which is why their choices change in pace with the technology.

As a result, we are experiencing an increased interest in courses like Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics this year, as well as an increased interest in all technology-related career majors.

Many students now choose to pursue careers like IT programming, translation and content writing – something they can do from any location in the world as long as they learn the skills necessary to complete the tasks. It’s no wonder why the interest in these fields grows within the minute. We are also experiencing a rise in services that offer online assignment help for UK students , once again confirming the demand for writing and research talent. Because of the boost in technology advances, the Internet has become a source of various career options.

Main Trends for Studying Abroad in 2019

Most Preferred Countries for Higher Education

As we mentioned before, the US remains one of the top destination for most students around the world.It’s a country full of opportunities and enticing course offers for students in all fields, not to mention that it’s the ‘dream’ country of many students who seek for a better life.

The desire to study in the US is enhanced due to the fact that, while studying, students can learn the universal language directly through communication and daily usage.

The second most commonly visited country by foreign students is the UK. However, the immigration laws are rather strict in this country, therefore lowering the stay-back opportunities for those who choose it. Still, the government is constantly looking for new ways to boost the interest in international students.

The UK has shared their idea and plan to create a post-study work visa. If it is reintroduced in this country, we can expect and even bigger number of students visiting UK to pursue a higher study.

Canada is yet another country that’s been favored by students around the world. The Canadian government is known to be more flexible about stay-backs in the country, which gives students better chances to get a work permit once they obtain a post-graduate degree.

Australia or more specifically, Sydney and Melbourne are the top destination among many students, especially those in India. The interest is now spread to other regions such as Perth, Adelaide, and the Northern Territory.

In addition to these popular destinations, students are currently visiting many European countries to work and study in. Such countries include Germany, Latvia, Ireland, and most currently, Croatia.

The Desire to Study and Learn the English language

Studying in the English-speaking countries is the preference of most because of the chance to study the universal language – English. In addition to the great education opportunities and the chance to immerse in an entirely different culture, students opt for studying abroad with this purpose.

Most of the study abroad programs use the English as a primary language for teaching and studying.

Politics and Economy

Naturally, the top destinations to study abroad will differ from one country to another because of politics and economy. Some countries provide better financial aid, giving their students an opportunity to transfer to a popular academic institution in the UK or the US. Others offer such opportunities to locations in Europe or Canada, all based on politics and of course, the financial positions of the country the student currently lives in. Also important is the financial situation of the student, some may need to seek additional funding outside of financial aid in order to afford the costs. One common solution for this is title loans.

The Bottom Line

Students constantly seek a chance to travel the world, visit new places, and enrich their knowledge of the major and the English language. That being said, the number of students who choose to study abroad increases every year, especially because of the increase of opportunities to study in many universities and schools around the world.

Even though the most popular courses are estimated to stay on top of the list in the following decade, we are experiencing an increase of interest in some popular courses like IT and Automation, as well as content writing and digital marketing. The changes are imminent and evident at this point, but the opportunities are also on the rise. So, it is safe to say that students will still pursue higher education opportunities abroad.

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