KRBL Limited wins 'Climate Positive Award 2022'

KRBL Limited wins 'Climate Positive Award 2022'

The second day of the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties 2022 (COP 27) at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt saw Green Cross United Kingdom announce KRBL Limited as being selected as one of the winners of the Climate Positive Award 2022'. KRBL has been awarded for its contributions and leadership in energy transition towards communities and the environment.

On receiving the award, Ms. Priyanka Mittal, Whole-Time Director at KRBL Limited, said, "We are grateful to Green Cross for the Climate Positive Award, and we are humbled to know that our efforts towards transitioning to cleaner energy have been noticed and rewarded."

KRBL Limited has been steadily progressing towards the transition of fossil-based systems to renewable energy sources, with an emphasis on improving its ESG performance as well as its business performance.

In terms of energy and water conservation, most KRBL plants have advanced to become pioneers and trendsetters among their peers. The company has reduced its energy consumption through investments in technologies and efficiency improvement initiatives. The proportion of green energy used in its plants and ancillary facilities has also increased.

KRBL has also implemented a real-time energy monitoring process, which helps the company understand how much renewable energy is used and how much power costs. To reduce carbon emissions, the company has installed highly efficient ESP chimneys in all of its manufacturing facilities. This has significantly reduced its carbon footprint.

As part of its sustainable business practices, KRBL built a water reservoir to store canal water and stopped using groundwater in its manufacturing unit, despite being in a water-intensive industry. Furthermore, a water recycling plant has been installed in a single unit, allowing the company to recycle and reuse 100% of the water used in the various manufacturing processes. A solar power plant at the Haryana unit has helped to reduce the facility's power costs by nearly 15 per cent.

Executive Director of Green Cross United Kingdom, Ruy Campos-Dugone, stated, "Following the Green Cross tradition of rewarding organizations that are action-oriented and go beyond the path to sustainability, highlighting efforts to avoid, prepare for, and/or address issues related to Global Change, as well as coordinated efforts to benefit communities and the environment, we synthesize the reason why KRBL Limited is one of the winners of our Climate Positive Awards 2022."

Source: IANS