Keep empty offices and business premises safe

Keep empty offices and business premises safe

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached a peak, most people were forced to continue their work at home. A few months later many buildings are still particularly unoccupied. Partly because the government advised people to stay at home, but also because companies and employees start to realise that working from home will be ‘the new way to go’. Working less hours at the office has many advantages for both employers and employees, for example, less travel time and travel costs. But there are also some risks involved. For example, many offices and business premises will be less occupied. As a result, it is of bigger importance that these buildings are well secured when more people are absent.

Advanced security solutions

A security system safeguards your building against unauthorized access. Today's security systems are boasting the very latest knowledge and technologies and are very trustworthy. With smart technology they ensure, next to safeguarding your office, that you can monitor your office from any location at any time of the day. Some security systems can even send you a notification in case of a questionable situation, so that you’re able to respond adequately at any time.

Some of the worlds’ most advanced security systems are the Jablotron alarm systems. These security systems are specially developed for company buildings and combine technical innovations with modern design and convenience. Jablotron systems send notifications in case of smoke and fire, water and glass breakage, but also temperature changes and movements. With a Jablotron security system, you can also control the lights, central heating and garage doors of your office. With Jablotron, you do not have to worry about any building anymore. Not a fan of Jablotron? Then you can also make use of the popular Dahua cameras to secure your office. With a Dahua camera you can, for example, see whether strangers inspect the office when you are not present. This may help prevent burglary.

Complete solution in the field of security

The safety of your business and employees always comes first. That is why you only want the best when it comes to security. We always advise you to hire a professional to advise you on the right total security solution for your company and to let them program and install the system!