Can Technology Really Cure Blindness?

When you have a child, you want them to grow up to become whatever they want to be. However, we don’t always have control of our future and some babies are born with severe illnesses including blindness. When you are blind, you can still live a long life but there are plenty of obstacles in the way. While there are some treatments for sight issues such as glasses or lenses, there are other problems that require medication or surgery.

Recently, there have been developments that suggest that there could be cures for several kinds of blindness with the help of technology. In this article, we are going to look at whether this is really possible or not. Read on to find out more.


Did you know that there is new technology that is being used to cure glaucoma? Glaucoma is a common disease that often results in blindness and it is something that needs to be taken seriously. While medication is available for this illness, it isn’t always effective. However, more recently, we have seen new contact lenses that deliver medication through the eye. These are known as nano-diamond lenses and they are very effective. This helps to manage the disease and allow patients to enjoy life with reduced side effects.

Corneal Blindness

Are you aware of how serious an issue corneal blindness is in India right now? There is a large percentage of the population who suffer from corneal blindness, despite there being an existing treatment for this kind of blindness. However, with new technology and investments from philanthropists such as Tej Kohli, the end of corneal blindness is closer than you might think. This technology uses a laser to make an incision in the eye and then a corneal inlay is placed. This is very effective.

Can Technology Really Cure Blindness?

Inherited Diseases

If you were to inherit a disease of the eye, there isn’t much that can be done. It would be expected that any children that you have might also inherit this further down the line. However, with new technology, you can ease the side effects of these diseases and live a much more fulfilled life. Some common inherited diseases of the eye include genetic mutations. Over recent years, gene therapy has been used to inject an unmutated version of the gene into the infected area. This is proving very effective and shows just how important this technology can be.

Can It Be Cured?

The problem with curing blindness is that there are many different forms and not all can be treated. However, with new technology and experts focusing on making the lives of those affected by these better, the future certainly looks bright. Technology goes hand in hand with scientific research and in many cases, it can really benefit the lives of those with sight issues. It is expected that this will become more apparent in the future as new technology is implemented in medical procedures.