International Women's Day '22 - Here's what Women Leaders had to say

Prerna Kohli“Historically, women have been underrepresented in the technology domain. But in the present era, women are emerging strongly in all domains including technology, sales, people, and other functions. Women employees bring a broader perspective that leads to a fruitful synergy for boosting innovation and creativity. As a product company, Cyware benefits significantly from the unique skills and ideas that its women employees bring to the table and we ensure that they find a strong footing across the organization.

The talent management team at Cyware is placing a concerted focus on building up the women workforce for the year 2022 and this continues to be one of our strategic HR imperatives going forward. One of our approaches that has contributed significantly is to tap talent directly from colleges and offer them learning and growing opportunities and we have witnessed a high conversion ratio from internships to full-time roles. Moreover, our women employees have been crucial to our growth strategy wherein they have filled in several cross-functional and leadership roles across various teams. In our engineering function too, we have attracted lateral job applicants and have generated references to actively invite diverse talent. We run employee referral programs which have also helped us attract women applicants and make sure that we tap all channels extensively to reach out to diverse talent.”